Brand Design for your product that delivers shelf
impact with the consumer in mind.



Smart and stylish brand design that stands the test of time and evolves with your business.


Pique the consumer’s interest with packaging design that helps your product fly off the shelf.


Target the right audience with an online presence built for a specific purpose. Tailored for you.

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Brand Design that has chemistry with the customer

Create the right foundations from the start by investing in your brand design. What’s important to you? What makes you unique? These are what give us our driving force. Your brand should be memorable, and we want to share that personal journey of discovery with you.

It is important to understand the difference between a logo and your branding. Logo Design should be timeless and encompassing of your story. It should be able to represent your company 100 years from now. Your visual message may change over time as your marketing strategy changes, but your logo will never change. Your branding, however, will evolve with you, your products and your customer’s desires. Telling your story through design is tough though, we get it. So leave that part of the process to someone who lives and breathes brand design.


Packaging Design and its role in your success

How do you make customers notice your product over all others on the shelf? It all starts with packaging design. The design is what piques their interest, the content is what sells it and the product’s quality is what secures their loyalty. When they think of the product, you want them to think only of YOUR brand. First impressions are EVERYTHING when it comes to the success of your product, and that outcome is often determined by the packaging.

Customers do judge a book by its cover, and with such high stakes, there’s no room for shortcuts. Graphic Design Australia endeavours to craft a concept that stands over your competition and focuses on attracting the consumer to your position on the shelf. The selling game is a fierce one and we want you to have the upper hand.

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"After working with the team to develop marketing collateral for multiple businesses, I wouldn't dream of using an expensive big agency again. Kelly and her team provide world class designs."