Does your food packaging design have shelf presence? Strategic branding creates shelf presence and drives purchases. Your product quality will then lead to loyal long term customers. So is your food packaging design selling as much as it could?


Sit Seasons

The plant-based era has been renewed for the most saucy season yet... Sitara created Sit Seasons after COVID-19 lockdown, she no longer had time to prepare indulgent sauces on her daily routine. She really wanted those same unique flavours, lip-smacking aromas and that comforting homemade feeling minus all the effort, shopping lists and inevitable wastage to make it. Right there, a lightbulb moment. She asked herself: “What if I could pack all those natural ingredients into a long-lasting product so that whenever I craved a hearty meal, I could scoop some out and have the same decadent sauce in minutes”.


Spring Valley Eggs

Spring Valley Eggs is a family-owned livestock business with a focus on regenerative agriculture and alternative grazing methods. These include their beloved bees and chickens as well. The eggs they sell come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this way, nothing gets thrown away, and their customers still get the same quality eggs.


Seaside Growers

Seaside Growers produce delicious locally grown broccolini, kale and baby lettuce. Ken has big plans to expand to many more products. This healthy brand showcases a playful custom illustrated identity that jumps off the shelf and into your market basket.


Marci Food

Healthy crunchy chewy deliciousness! Handmade crunchy double baked Artisan snacks bursting with feel good, wholesome ingredients. These cracker snacks 'Bark' are low allergen food that is truly handmade and crafted from a love of wholesome foods.


Pasta Capriccio

Passion and enthusiasm are the engine that pushes Pasta Capriccio day by day towards new goals, all of them oriented to improve the quality and the characteristics of the products. Their purpose is to serve excellent products. Driven by an Italian team who still recognize the typical, real Italian tastes and flavours.


Bellissima Pasta

From Noona's table to yours. Bellissima local Italian Pantry. They started in Nonna’s kitchen where they learnt the love for fresh, authentic Italian flavours and the beauty of a home cooked meal made with love and soul.


Mums Buns

Mums Buns is a privately owned, family run business based in Sydney. It’s always been in our blood to strive to assist other Australian businesses achieve their maximum potential by taking away the stress of sourcing quality baked products.


Sourdough Crumpet Co

Organic, sourdough crumpets and homemade curds locally made in the Northern Rivers. What began as a hobby to treat family friends, grew into a small farmers market stall, which grew into a production kitchen out of which Tim and his team now create his famous crumpets for cafes, restaurants, resorts and retail.


Vegan Fried Chick’n

Vegan Fried Chick’n was established in 2017, the idea was to find a delicious, nutritious and convenient alternative to the classic comfort food – Fried Chicken. The products are fueled by plants


Dans Dim Sim Kitchen

At Dans Dim Sim Kitchen they specialize in Asian style finger foods with award winning products ,offering wholesale direct to the public from a 5 star manufacturing plant on the Gold Coast. The even deliver frozen packages straight to your door.


Artisan Food Co.

Artisan Food Co. offer a wide range of restaurant quality foods in various packaging formats for the local and international markets including private label and specializing in finger foods & appetizers, pizza dough, antipasti, premium sauces, condiments, dressings, pesto, pantry essentials and ready meals.


Tactical Foods

Survival food is basically anything that can keep man food-secured for an indefinite stretch of time. Survival food can be anything – ranging from energy bars, cookies or crackers, canned products, fresh meat, grains, cereals, dehydrated and freeze dried food.



Happy cows are the foundation of our company. The healthier and happier they are, the better their milk—simple as that. By using the highest quality sweet milk from our herd of free-range ladies, we have created award-winning cheeses that proudly stand up against all leading competitors.


Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition's Melek had a vision of delicious flavorsome home delivered meals in Sydney rafted from good quality local sourced ingredients. Each meal is optimally calorie, macro and portion controlled while tasting great.


The Lunch Carte

Making lunch times easier for primary school parents, The Lunch Carte is a nutritious meal delivery service which pre-prepares your child’s school lunches for the week - easy, convenient and delicious. The brand is vibrant, fun and playful to ensure it will appeal to the target market and reflect health, wellness and fun.


The Pasta Emporium

Mother and Daughter duo, Natalie & Sonia opened a pasta-centric provedore where locals could buy fresh, handmade pasta by the gram, along with take-home meals and specialty deli goods. And so the Pasta Emporium was born. Inspired by traditional and authentic hand made Italian cuisine these ladies wanted to bring the taste of Italy to the Gold Coast!


Ozganics Noodles

Ozganics Noodle Kitchen makes a range of organic, authentic asian noodles made using the Japanese steam technique. The brand needing to be revamped and relaunched with the addition of capturing the fast meal noodle market. Not like any other product on the shelf we needed to be differentiated from the typical 2 minute cheap unhealthy alternatives.

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