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All the research, product development, quizzing friends and polling family have lead to this. Every product has its own story, encompassing the hard work, commitment and passion of its creators. Great Australian packaging design is the link that brings this story to new customers, generating brand loyalty and ultimately driving purchasing decisions.

Make the most of every touch point with packaging design that’s strategic and seamless – from integrating with your brand and its story to taking care of logistics and executing a marketing plan. As branding and packaging professionals, the Graphic Design Australia team provides you with holistic packaging strategies and design that generate interest and loyalty from customers.



Australian Packaging Design - Australian Marketing

1. Marketing exploration
understand your customers so you connect your product with their needs and wants

Having a clear Australian marketing plan will help you identify precisely who will be purchasing your products, and the best approach to reach this audience through effective marketing channels and opportunities.

Australian Packaging Design - Australian Branding Design

2. The branding design
Australian product branding design that jumps off the shelf

Design is everything when it comes to product marketing and how to achieving the results you desire, and it all comes down to how you execute the different elements of your Australian product branding design.

Australian Packaging Design - Australian Label Design

3. Packaging + label design
Australian label design that connects and engages

Label design is as important as the product design and when it comes to standing out, having Australian label design that’s different, creative and connects with your audience, will make a difference.



Australian Packaging Design - Australian Packaging Designer

Australian packaging design

There are various ways you can build a loyal customer base AFTER someone has purchased. We work with you to ensure the first step is consumers choose your product over another. We know that having a Australian packaging design that cleverly conveys the brand and product, will help connect with your audience. Techniques we use to achieve this include working with colours that match your key values, creating an uncluttered design that’s easy to interpret and producing a clean design that delivers.

Once someone has purchased your product there are many opportunities to connect and engage with that customer. When combining regular contact, with consistent branding AND a product that people genuinely love, then that’s when the loyalty and word of mouth continue to build time and time again.



A true partnership
with graphic design australia

2,000+ brands created // 2,800+ businesses supported

At graphic design Australia we manage to achieve great results for our clients, all delivered with a personal touch. We welcome you to visit our studio and even sit alongside our team while they work on your project if you wish. In our experience, we’ve found that building true partnerships result in achieving the best outcomes for our clients and their products.

We bring over 15 years of design and branding experience, working with clients across a range of industries to your Australian packaging design project. Whether you’re launching a small range to sell at farmer’s markets, or offering multiple product ranges that target a number of markets across a range of retail channels. Our team has the skills and expertise to bring your products to life with packaging design that makes consumers choose you.

Australian Packaging Design - Australian Packaging Designer


Australian Packaging Design - Australian Packaging Designer

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“Kelly and the team have had such a positive effect on our company. After a few less than satisfactory experiences with other designers, it was a breath of fresh air to find them. Although only a small studio, we were so impressed with the level of personal service and the fact that we were taken care of in such a warm and friendly setting.

The team are always just a phone call away and we know that we can rely on them. The success that has come from our newly launched brands has been unfathomable. We are so pleased that the brands have taken so well and we have the utmost confidence to continue down this path with the Graphic Design Australia team by our side. We thank them for helping us to turn our beef into a commodity that has driven us to be the Rolls Royce of the Australian Beef Industry. We cannot wait to see where this takes us next”.

- Andrew McDonald, General Manager, Bindaree Beef (Australian Packaging Design Project)