Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design that sells and truly stands out


All the research, product development, quizzing friends and polling family have lead to this. Every product has its own story, encompassing the hard work, commitment and passion of its creators. Great Ruby Chocolate packaging design is the link that brings this story to new customers, generating brand loyalty and ultimately driving purchasing decisions.

Make the most of every touch point with packaging design that’s strategic and seamless – from integrating with your brand and its story to taking care of logistics and executing a marketing plan. As branding and packaging professionals, the Graphic Design Australia team provides you with holistic packaging strategies and design that generate interest and loyalty from customers



Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design - Ruby Chocolate Marketing

1. Marketing exploration
get your product in front of more customers who are ready to buy

Connecting your branding and packaging design with an astute Ruby Chocolate marketing strategy that clearly identifies your target consumer, and provides details on effective marketing channels and opportunities to reach them.

Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design - Ruby Chocolate Branding Design

2. The branding design
Convery your selling points consistently with Ruby Chocolate product branding design

Achieving results when it comes to packaging and marketing execution starts by working with you, and planning how and where to tell your story before executing all the elements of your Ruby Chocolate product branding design.

Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design - Ruby Chocolate Label Design

3. Packaging + label design
Ruby Chocolate label design that compels consumers to choose you

Stand out from your competition when it comes to shelf space, with Ruby Chocolate label design that’s appealing to customers and connects with your target consumer.



Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design - Ruby Chocolate Packaging Designer

Ruby Chocolate packaging
design services

The team at Graphic Design Australia go above and beyond when it comes to working clients on design projects. We all know that design is key to making your product stand out which is why we work hard on getting Ruby Chocolate packaging design right for your market and customers. If a product isn’t appealing on the shelf, then customers will not pick it up to take a look. We pride ourselves on having a collaborative approach with clients in order to produce the highest quality designs that not only stand out but also connect with you and the brand you are building.

Whilst we don’t focus on your competitors, we do include an audit of your product category and competitors. We find that this process helps us quickly identify how your product differs, along with what the market out there are seeking.



A true partnership
with graphic design australia

2,000+ brands created // 2,800+ businesses supported

We truly love what we do here at graphic design australia. Our team is dedicated and passionate about brand and design, which means we will work closely with all of our clients to achieve their desired results. There is even the option for you, as a client, to come and sit with the team in the design studio, while we work on your project. How’s that for transparency!
Since 2004 we have worked with clients and produced hundreds of design elements, including Ruby Chocolate packaging design.  With a dedicated team of designers, we offer clients precisely what they need to build and launch an effective product, using our unique design approach and ideas.

Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design - Ruby Chocolate Packaging Designer


Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design - Ruby Chocolate Packaging Designer


Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design - Ruby Chocolate Packaging Designer


Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design - Ruby Chocolate Packaging Designer


Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design - Ruby Chocolate Packaging Designer



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"If you want a dynamic team in regards to your graphic design for your business, don't look any further than Kelly and her team. Very knowledgeable, caring, honest and professional. Highly recommended!" Regards Greet Recoules - Ruby Chocolate Packaging Design Project