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Calmva - Kava

Originating from an inspiring sojourn in Vanuatu, our venture into the kava industry has been a testament to organic growth and fervent passion. At the core of Calmva Kava's inception is a profound dedication to understanding the nuanced science of kava. Their approach has been holistic, encompassing rigorous study of contemporary research and time-honoured practices.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence has led us on extensive travels across the South Pacific's vibrant cultures, engaging with preeminent kava connoisseurs and integrating our personal experiences into our knowledge base.


Kobi's Kitchen

Eating healthy and delicious food sounded like it would mean hours in the kitchen, so Kobi decided to develop recipes that took less than half an hour with whole food ingredients that were good on the body, posting them on her social media. Through uploading these recipes, she began to see that there were many people out there with a hectic schedule facing the same hurdles when it came to whipping up healthy meals. So, Kobi wanted to work out a way to bring flavour to people’s home without adding hours of cooking to their day. She created 3 delicious and healthy sachets that we designed.


Solomon Kava

Solomon Kava's brand vision is deeply rooted in the heart of the Solomon Islands' rich cultural tapestry. This brand is committed to authentically representing the unique heritage of the Solomon Islands through their high-quality products. Celebrating the natural and healthful qualities of kava, a revered root in the islands, Solomon Kava not only offers a premium product but also a cultural experience. Each item in their range is a testament to the traditional uses and significance of kava, embodying a deep respect for nature and ancient practices. The brand's dedication to quality and authenticity creates a bridge between the Solomon Islands' culture and the global community, inviting people everywhere to appreciate and partake in this healthy, natural tradition - click to check out the logo design and package design we proudly created for them.


Eat 'hem All

We are excited to introduce Eat 'hem All, a chicken sauce that brings Korean cuisine to everyone's fingertips. Once you try it, you might have trouble not eating them all at once – lol. This Honey Cajun marinated chicken sauce is a traditional Korean recipe. Add the perfect seasoning to your favourite dishes with Eat 'hem All. You can make your family's favourite meals even better. To enhance the taste of all the family's favourite dishes, simply add the sauce!



The world’s tastiest and healthiest chilli sauce. Cold blended chilli – natural and raw, totally vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy free. Made with love and all the stuff that is good for you. There is no heat process in making our sauce which means that our product contains all the natural raw goodness of the blended produce.


Larich Foods

When Larich family migrated to Australia in 1984, they realized that the growing Sri Lankan expatriate community couldn’t access the dried spices that they needed to create authentic Sri Lankan curry’s. From this small idea, Larich was born, and it set about bringing the highest quality, rich and aromatic Sri Lankan spices to Australia.


Pandan The Panda

Pandan the Panda's owner, Dot, is passionate about cooking,  with such a passion for food, Dot moved to Australia to study cooking. "I am an Australian with a Chinese Indonesian background who loves eating pandan instead of bamboo"



Granny Frankfurter was travelling along the East Coast of Australia with her longboard, checking out the best surf breaks, hanging 10 & winning over locals. When we asked the secret to her good health & vitality she told us the recipe for her Wunderkraut which has kept generations of Frankfurters healthy & happy. A perfect match for your sandwich, salad or cheese platter. Enjoy with your morning eggs or evening meal.



The Byron Bay Olive Company produces some of the best marinated olives, homemade Tapenade or other Mediterranean products like marinated Feta or sun dried tomatoes, with an authentic taste comparable to one you could only find in the south of France.



The Himalayan Salt Factory is the largest retail and wholesale Himalayan Salt supplier in Australia. Our products include Himalayan salts (for cooking & bathing), natural salt lamps and selenite crystals. We also offer salt therapy and halotherapy.



Husk & Earnest offers unrefined, natural organic coconut oil that is 100% free from chemicals, additives, bleaching and deodorizing. Their raw, organic cold pressed coconut oil is harvested in Sri Lanka’s, Coconut Triangle, renowned for its superior quality and highest standards of production. Using traditional processing methods, passed down through generations, local family producers set the standard for coconut oil excellence.



South of the border Foods specialise in handmade made authentic Mexican cuisine. Located in northern NSW, they serve locals only the finest and side each dish with their very own in house salsa.


Derryn Bird Honey

Derryn is a small local Byron bay farmer/beekeeper and fruit and vegetable grocer. He has a passion of sharing his beekeeping craftsmanship with his young son. New to branding and marketing he was very open to exploring concepts and ideas.

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