Granny Frankfurter was travelling along the East Coast of Australia with her longboard, checking out the best surf breaks, hanging 10 & winning over locals. When we asked the secret to her good health & vitality she told us the recipe for her Wunderkraut which has kept generations of Frankfurters healthy & happy.



The Byron Bay Olive Company produces some of the best marinated olives, homemade Tapenade or other Mediterranean products like marinated Feta or sun dried tomatoes, with an authentic taste comparable to one you could only find in the south of France.



The Himalayan Salt Factory is the largest retail and wholesale Himalayan Salt supplier in Australia. Our products include Himalayan salts (for cooking & bathing), natural salt lamps and selenite crystals. We also offer salt therapy and halotherapy.



Husk & Earnest offers unrefined, natural organic coconut oil that is 100% free from chemicals, additives, bleaching and deodorizing. Their raw, organic cold pressed coconut oil is harvested in Sri Lanka’s, Coconut Triangle, renowned for its superior quality and highest standards of production. Using traditional processing methods, passed down through generations, local family producers set the standard for coconut oil excellence.

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