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Every product has a behind the scenes story. It usually consists of a vision, hard work, commitment to succeed and a genuine passion for the product created. Using the pieces of your story will create your branding and design, and is what will connect your customers to your products. Unique Brisbane packaging design will play a key factor when it comes to consumers picking your product. The design is what attracts consumers, the story keeps them interested, and the products themselves are what will build brand loyalty.

Utilise each point of contact you have with consumers, with packaging design that represents your products and passion in the right light. From integrating the packaging design beautifully with your brand and its story, through to taking care of logistics, and developing, and executing a product marketing plan. As Australia’s branding and packaging professionals, the graphic design Australia team provides you with holistic packaging strategies and designs that help highlight your products and reach more consumers.



Brisbane Packaging Design - Brisbane Marketing

1. Marketing exploration
get your product in front of more customers who are ready to buy

Connecting your branding and packaging design with an astute Brisbane marketing strategy that clearly identifies your target consumer, and provides details on effective marketing channels and opportunities to reach them.

Brisbane Packaging Design - Brisbane Branding Design

2. The branding design
Convery your selling points consistently with Brisbane product branding design

Achieving results when it comes to packaging and marketing execution starts by working with you, and planning how and where to tell your story before executing all the elements of your Brisbane product branding design.

Brisbane Packaging Design - Brisbane Label Design

3. Packaging + label design
Brisbane label design that compels consumers to choose you

Stand out from your competition when it comes to shelf space, with Brisbane label design that’s appealing to customers and connects with your target consumer.



Brisbane Packaging Design - Brisbane Packaging Designer

Brisbane packaging
design with shelf wow factor

Let’s be honest, as consumers, we are all guilty of judging a book by its cover. With so much competition, the wow factor is key when it comes to packaging design. The primary purpose of great Brisbane packaging design is to capture your consumers’ attention, engage them with your product, and encourage them to pick up and take a look at your product, before deciding to purchase. The Graphic Design Australia team delivers packaging projects that provide shelf presence by creating branding that stands out and tells your story.

As part of our packaging design process, we conduct a thorough analysis of your category and competitors, and creatively and concisely leverage your points of difference in your packaging. Standing out in the line-up shapes buying decisions and impacts your bottom line, so getting packaging design right is key to your success.



A true partnership
with graphic design australia

2,000+ brands created // 2,800+ businesses supported

At graphic design Australia we manage to achieve great results for our clients, all delivered with a personal touch. We welcome you to visit our studio and even sit alongside our team while they work on your project if you wish. In our experience, we’ve found that building true partnerships result in achieving the best outcomes for our clients and their products.

We bring over 15 years of design and branding experience, working with clients across a range of industries to your Brisbane packaging design project. Whether you’re launching a small range to sell at farmer’s markets, or offering multiple product ranges that target a number of markets across a range of retail channels. Our team has the skills and expertise to bring your products to life with packaging design that makes consumers choose you.

Brisbane Packaging Design - Brisbane Packaging Designer


Brisbane Packaging Design - Brisbane Packaging Designer

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"I have worked with GC Graphic Design to create a unique packaging design for our new brand, Snailbloom. Even with the limited information I was able to provide, the team there was able to deliver an exceptional result that fit our needs perfectly. In addition to being completely satisfied with their performance, they were a great pleasure to work with. They are passionate, honest, personable, and, most importantly, exceptionally talented. Isac and the rest of the team get significantly invested in every project, are always punctual, and deliver everything according to set timelines. In addition to that, they offer the most competitive rates in Gold Coast. I'm looking forward to working with them again soon! Thank you for your hard work and for going the extra mile!" 
Roman Yakobnyuk, Snailbloom (Brisbane Packaging Design Project)