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Every product has its own unique narrative. How the idea came about, the ethos and aspirations. The story is what captivates the consumer and makes the product stand out from the crowd. Skilful product packaging design communicates these points of difference to the customer. Executed well, it influences their buying decisions and begins building a loyal fan base for your brand. 

With strategic, seamless design, customers can be captured at every touchpoint, with no opportunity missed to connect. Graphic Design Australia has the experience and skill to carry the project from beginning to end, starting with developing the product narrative and integrating it into the packaging design, then creating and implementing a marketing plan and looking after the logistics. Experts in their field, the team will devise holistic packaging strategies and a design that captivates and keeps customers.



product Packaging Design - product Marketing

Who’s your target market? Define your customers and how to reach them

Doing thorough homework at the start reaps dividends. Seamlessly connected branding and packaging design is part of a clever product marketing strategy that identifies the target market and works out the best channels for making contact.


product Packaging Design - product Branding Design

Benefit from unique, effective product product branding design

Achieving success in packaging design begins with building a brand with an inimitable and enduring identity. Your product’s story will be reflected in every facet of your product product branding design.


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Appeal to consumers with exceptional product label design

The secret of great packaging design is getting it noticed on the shelf. Stand out from the competition with enticing product label design that speaks directly to your target consumer.

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product PACKAGING 

Forget not judging a book by its cover: that’s exactly what consumers do when browsing the shelves. With a lot of other products competing for attention, it’s imperative to get it right first time. Great product packaging design should draw the customer’s eye, compel them to examine, then buy the product. Delivering packaging with shelf presence is what Graphic Design Australia does best. The team integrates consistent storytelling into packaging that really performs, topping it off with a marketing strategy that places your product exactly where your target audience will find it.

The process includes an in-depth analysis of your category and competitors, before packaging is developed that underscores and elevates your points of difference. Outshining the competition is the difference between a sale or no sale and directly affects your bottom line: getting the packaging design bang-on is fundamental to commercial success.




2,000+ Brands Created // 2,800+ Businesses Supported

At Graphic Design Australia we believe personal collaboration elicits the best results. Unlike other branding and design agencies, we invite you to visit our studio and meet our friendly team. You may even wish to sit alongside them as they bring your vision alive. In our experience, a close working partnership leads to the best outcome for our clients. 

We have over 20 years’ experience of collaborating with clients across a variety of industries. Whether your product packaging design project is a small range destined for farmer’s markets, or multiple product lines to be rolled out across numerous retail channels, we have the skills to create packaging design that breathes life into your product and drives consumers to you.  

product Packaging Design - product Packaging Designer


product Packaging Design - product Packaging Designer


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The best time to start on your branding and packaging design? Now! Any delay means a rival could get to the shelf first. Your product deserves a good foundation and professional expertise to give it the best chance of success. We’re here to make sure you outshine the fierce competition in the product graphic design sector. Taking the first step couldn’t be easier with our free consultation.



“We just wanted to say a bit thank you for all your assistance throughout the last few months. (especially with our label which is finally going into production!!!!) Our website has just gone live for the first time and we are so pleased with the berry and getting some awesome reviews. Hoping to have the truck finalised in a week or so and be trading in less than three weeks. Can't thank you guys enough.”
- Maddie & Andrew, The Acai Corner