Captivating "Plant Based" or Meat Free" packaging design is becoming more popular and more so than before is demanding captivating shelf presence to increases sales. Your branding is what sells it and the product’s quality is what secures loyalty Plant-based” typically refers to one who eats a diet based primarily on plant foods, with no animal-derived ingredience. The term vegan, plant based and meat free extends to one's lifestyle choices beyond diet alone. See our Plant Based Packaging Design projects


Solomon Kava

As a design studio, we've had the pleasure of reimagining the packaging for ARTISAN FINE FOODS, a Byron Bay-based brand that brings the flavours of the South of France to life through their Mediterranean delicacies. Their range includes handcrafted marinated olives, sweet, pickled garlic, unique black garlic, delicious vegan olive spreads, high-quality Australian organic olive oil, and free-range pork French saucissons made with a traditional Provençal touch.


Solomon Kava

Solomon Kava's brand vision is deeply rooted in the heart of the Solomon Islands' rich cultural tapestry. This brand is committed to authentically representing the unique heritage of the Solomon Islands through their high-quality products. Celebrating the natural and healthful qualities of kava, a revered root in the islands, Solomon Kava not only offers a premium product but also a cultural experience. Each item in their range is a testament to the traditional uses and significance of kava, embodying a deep respect for nature and ancient practices. The brand's dedication to quality and authenticity creates a bridge between the Solomon Islands' culture and the global community, inviting people everywhere to appreciate and partake in this healthy, natural tradition - click to check out the logo design and package design we proudly created for them.


Crunchy Granola - The Sugarless Bakery

We are beyond excited to present our latest packaging design – the Crunchy Cinnamon Granola and Crunchy Granola pouch designs, crafted exclusively for our amazing client, Tony! His captivating visual brief ignited our creative spirits, and we embarked on a journey to bring his brand's vibrancy to life. By combining hand-made illustrations and organic shapes, we crafted designs that beautifully complement the health-conscious essence of his brand.



Tailored specifically for young women aged 20 to 30, the concept embraces the power of relatability by showcasing female figures that strike a chord with the target audience. The overall result is an enchanting package design that celebrates the vibrancy and aspirations of contemporary women. By leveraging its captivating design, the brand can create a cohesive and visually striking identity across various mediums. Promotional products, adorned with the pattern illustration, offer a unique and tangible way to engage with the target audience. Tote bags, for instance, can serve as walking billboards, carrying the brand's message and aesthetic wherever they go. These products become more than just functional items; they become fashion statements and conversation starters.


Just Fresh Made

Just Fresh Made aim is to bring you fresh, healthy, and delicious Salads, Spuds, Wraps and Handmade Pastas in fast and convenient way. ‘Just Fresh Made’ is stand by its name as they have healthy takeaway for everyone. They offer vegan , gluten free, dairy free dishes. They use fresh produce, which is sourced locally, and the menu is inspired from all flavours around the world. They use Aussie made ingredients to keep our country taste. Every item from their menu is made from Aussie veggies. Their supplies directly come from farms on daily basis, serving you fresh food.


Al Natural Oysters

Al Natural Oysters was established in 2020. A trip to one of their local oyster farmers gave them an experience they could never forget, a large amount of live oysters, full of brine, opened and enjoyed at their own leisure. Immediately they knew this simple, salty, and naturally beautiful delicacy was the thing they want to share with others. Their procedures ensure a real oyster experience, opened as close to serving as possible is the key. The natural brine gives you a unique experience every time. Delivering flavours directly associated with the natural surroundings of that location. Brine is immensely important in facilitating the breakdown of heavy metals within. Served without their natural liquor, your oysters are not as nourishing as you might think. The answer is Always eat good oysters, Always eat Al Natural Oysters.


Sit Seasons

The plant-based era has been renewed for the most saucy season yet... Sitara created Sit Seasons after COVID-19 lockdown, she no longer had time to prepare indulgent sauces on her daily routine. She really wanted those same unique flavours, lip-smacking aromas and that comforting homemade feeling minus all the effort, shopping lists and inevitable wastage to make it. Right there, a lightbulb moment. She asked herself: “What if I could pack all those natural ingredients into a long-lasting product so that whenever I craved a hearty meal, I could scoop some out and have the same decadent sauce in minutes”.


Spring Valley Eggs

Spring Valley Eggs is a family-owned livestock business with a focus on regenerative agriculture and alternative grazing methods. These include their beloved bees and chickens as well. The eggs they sell come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this way, nothing gets thrown away, and their customers still get the same quality eggs.


Sweet Nutrients

Sweet Nutrients create nourishing raw treats packed to the brim with micronutrients and antioxidants. Their range of raw plant-based treats are 100% natural, vegan, organic, and refined sugar free. You can order their bliss balls, protein balls and DIY blends online for delivery Australia wide.


Seaside Growers

Seaside Growers produce delicious locally grown broccoli, kale and baby lettuce. Ken has big plans to expand to many more products. This healthy brand showcases a playful custom illustrated identity that jumps off the shelf and into your market basket.


Vegan Fried Chick’n

Vegan Fried Chick’n was established in 2017, the idea was to find a delicious, nutritious and convenient alternative to the classic comfort food – Fried Chicken. The products are fueled by plants

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"After working with the team to develop marketing collateral for multiple businesses, I wouldn't dream of using an expensive big agency again. Kelly and her team provide world class designs."