Failing to plan is planning to fail. We walk you through
every step of our process to keep you on track.


Step One.
Make Time For Planning

This is where the journey begins. The planning stage is the most important. We start by analysing the market and establishing your position in it. It’s crucial to identify points of differentiation between you and your competitors, and to determine your strengths and advantages. By collectively walking the same path, working towards a shared goal and outcomes, we’ll pinpoint the perfect design.

Your story is important – the years you’ve put into building up your product – and your passion and journey should shine through. Our mission is to create a following, to help you generate customers that crave what you’re offering and go on to spread the word. This ensures your product will fly off the shelf.


Step two.
Ready, Set, Design

The collected data is broken down, analysed and mulled over. How will your brand stand out from the crowd? How can its unique qualities best be showcased?

This step is a period of careful contemplation, a time of investigating different ideas that give your product the best platform and tell its unique story to optimum effect. Usually, two or three concepts are explored – a mix of your vision, our interpretation and maybe one curveball, perhaps something brave or radical no one had initially considered. This can sometimes lead to really creative thinking.

Brainstorming complete, the packaging and branding design concepts are developed and presented to you for your feedback.

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Step Three.
It's all in the details

Now that you have concepts it's time to reflect on them. You may love certain elements – that instantly hit the mark. Others, you might prefer to revisit or mix and match. Step three is a period of dialogue, exchange and fine-tuning so that every last detail is spot on. The best of the concepts are then taken and put together in one final design, ready to hit the shelves. The result? Products that not only meet the requirements, but shine out in an eye-catching point-of-sale display. This definitive design is also the one that will be implemented onto all your other products, ensuring branding continuity throughout.

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Step Four.
Stand and deliver

Now comes the really fun bit. Now you’re flying. In the final stage of the journey, all the elements and marketing materials to support your products release are brought to life. Everything is pulled together to make it stand out in the market place.

What do you need for your product to triumph? An attention-grabbing, user-friendly website? Compelling merchandising, point-of-sale advertising? Organic SEO, shopping cart website with retail/wholesale? We’re experienced, we’re excited for you, and we’re on it.

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