Strategic beverage packaging design and branding creates shelf presence and drive purchases. Your product quality will then lead to loyal long term customers. Does your beverage packaging design have shelf presence?



In a marketplace thirsting for innovation, our latest collaboration with VitaMelon has set a new standard for beverage indulgence. VitaMelon's revolutionary concept combines the natural sweetness of watermelon juice with the effervescence of a summer celebration, creating a beverage experience unlike any other. Our design studio was tasked with encapsulating this unique blend of flavors and feelings into the product's packaging, a challenge we met with creativity and precision. With the VitaMelon sparkling juice package design, we've transcended traditional beverage packaging norms to craft an experience that beckons consumers with the promise of a healthier, more delightful drink option. Our collaboration with VitaMelon exemplifies our design studio's commitment to innovation, aesthetic excellence, and the power of packaging to tell a compelling story.


Clouds Hard Seltzer

Discover Clouds Hard Seltzer and our art of packaging design . They are specialize in creating hard seltzers that transcend traditional drinking experiences taking the consumer to A Moment in the Clouds. Our commitment to excellent packaging design is evident in each product making a light, yet impactful statement on shelves, Clouds Hard Seltzer is offering a low-calorie, fruit-infused beverage that delights both the palate and the eyes.



Tailored specifically for young women aged 20 to 30, the concept embraces the power of relatability by showcasing female figures that strike a chord with the target audience. The overall result is an enchanting package design that celebrates the vibrancy and aspirations of contemporary women. By leveraging its captivating design, the brand can create a cohesive and visually striking identity across various mediums. Promotional products, adorned with the pattern illustration, offer a unique and tangible way to engage with the target audience. Tote bags, for instance, can serve as walking billboards, carrying the brand's message and aesthetic wherever they go. These products become more than just functional items; they become fashion statements and conversation starters.


Koala Hut Fresh Juice

The amazing people from Kola Hut reached out to us looking for a brand and packaging refresh for Koala Hut Fresh Juice Cafe. Their new cafe will be located in Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, so their main target is tourists and children. Koala Hut needed to portray healthy, fun, tropical fresh jungle vibes and it needed to be suitable to be used in multiple merchandising items such as bottles label design, cups, t-shirts, signage, etc.


SPKD Blends

You don't need to settle for instant coffee when you can have SPKD Blends! There are adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, and MCT oil in this instant latte SPKD. All these powerful natural ingredients have been shown to increase focus and energy while simultaneously supporting elevating your overall mood.


Salty Lips

“ Pharmacist, mum of three young adult kids taking on the world (plus the hubby of course!) formulated this alcoholic drink. The delicate blend of sparkling water, clear spirits and essential salts is charged with everything you need to get social today and stay social tomorrow. Based on pure intentions and love of life, this alcoholic seltzer originated in Palm Beach, Queensland to provide you with a new refreshing taste that will season your life.” Kate came to us to design her logo, label design for local Salty Lips drinks and website.


Australian Juice

Local to the Griffith Riverina area Australian Premium Beverages is an established factory that has resided in the area locally for several generations. In the past the main production has been for bulk wholesale. They were looking to expand into retail products with an Australiana theme. We explored several themes and concepts. Australiana typically is quiet kitsch and for the international market. We wanted one that showcased Australian regions, farms, and local produce. We felt this is appealing to both international and local consumers.


Real Natural

"Real Natural was born during the global pandemic period in 2021. The founder, Matthew, is a food engineer and an MBA entrepreneur in the field of business management consulting for the food industry for over a decade. He realized that anyone around the globe who has experienced this pandemic could have been treated better by a healthier choice of foods in a natural way, besides medicines. He then started to invent some kinds of natural and healthy recipes based on the herbal compendium in 1578, combining them with the Ayurvedic recipes from India."


Hillman Bros

Hillman Bros Distilling Co is a micro distillery run by brothers Geoff and Matt Hillman. The distillery is located in Yass, NSW and Perth, WA and initially produces Gin, followed by Rum and Whiskey. The brand was created to represent the farmer side of the owners. Two merino sheep symbolize the brothers and their partnership. The sheep were placed facing each other, showing the bond formed by the partners.


Bucks Brew

Growing a wide variety on his farm, Buck honed in on the citrus side to develop his very own craft beer made with his own fruit and brewed. Unsure on what style he wanted, we worked closely with Buck to ensure the packaging design style met his needs and also suited his target demographic.


Than Cha

THANCHA began as the pioneer supplier of authentic high quality Thai Milk Tea in Australia. THANCHA’s Thai Milk Tea is used by Thai restaurants that strive to provide their guests with completely authentic food and drinks. Additionally, specialist Grocery Stores that carry authentic grocery items from various parts of the world also stock THANCHA’s authentic Thai Milk Tea.


Blue Mountain Initiative

When Brooke from Blue Mountain Initiative came to us with the business name 'Blue Mountain Initiatives' he wanted to somehow reflect this in the logo - and after discussion and research we decided that the best way to do this was by a customised sketch of a well known formation in the Blue Mountains - the 'Three Sisters' rock formation.



B Inspired has a wide range of organic herbal teas and superfood blends. The range is therapeutically blended according to principles of traditional western herbal medicine and supports both emotional and physical health. Each blend is created with a true purpose and promotes wellness. Health, wellness, clean, fresh, modern



Snake Bite Original Cider made in Australia from local ingredients. No preservatives, no chemicals, keep refrigerated. Not too sweet, not too bitter, just...bite!



Our formulas come from a deeply rewarding career of co founder Amanda’s 29 years in the health and wellness industry. Amanda & founding partner, her mother Robyn, work tirelessly together to bring their passion for Natures medicine to benefit people and families in their everyday lives.



Social Espresso are Gold Coast coffee roasters bringing coastal communities together through the enjoyment of well-crafted coffee. They are a coastal tribe of café partners, bean followers sourcing only well roasted and delicious coffee.


Love Ya Guts

Brooke came to us with a logo and branding she had done a DIY job on to get her started, that was ready for a refresh now that the business was taking off! The philosophy of the business is all about helping people with gut problems in a natural way, and Brooke wanted branding that would reflect this ideal and carry the business forward.


Dog and Gun

With an already well-established business, Shaun approached us in need of a revamp. Being a rebrand, we needed to delicately approach the project and ensure it not move to far away from what customers were familiar with. Shaun was very passionate about his product and what it meant to the customer. We loved working with Shaun and are super pumped with how it all came together!



Saiyuri herbal teas are sourced from the world’s finest tea producers. Their herbal teas are premium quality and handpicked to please the world’s fussiest tea drinkers. A local Australian business located in the sunny Gold Coast Queensland, they started through their love for Japanese food and the limited supply of authentic Japanese cookware and teaware available in Australia.

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