Governed by hundreds of years of local and global meat industry experience, the BINDAREE BEEF GROUP is focused on working together as a passionate and innovative team to supply, process, sell, market and share multi-award winning Australian branded meat programs with the world.



Pasture raised, naturally bred, naturally fed veal sourced from proud Australian farmers who are invested in helping maintain the family tradition of producing the country's finest veal by Green Mountain Meats



B Inspired has a wide range of organic herbal teas and superfood blends. The range is therapeutically blended according to principles of traditional western herbal medicine and supports both emotional and physical health. Each blend is created with a true purpose and promotes wellness. Health, wellness, clean, fresh, modern



Granny Frankfurter was travelling along the East Coast of Australia with her longboard, checking out the best surf breaks, hanging 10 & winning over locals. When we asked the secret to her good health & vitality she told us the recipe for her Wunderkraut which has kept generations of Frankfurters healthy & happy. A perfect match for your sandwich, salad or cheese platter. Enjoy with your morning eggs or evening meal.



Snake Bite Original Cider made in Australia from local ingredients. No preservatives, no chemicals, keep refrigerated. Not too sweet, not too bitter, just...bite!



Vabori is an Australian Family Owned brand and we are excited to be able to share with you, our great tasting and High Strength Australian Olive Leaf Extract.



This high quality, affordable range uses luscious yoghurt and other indulgent natural ingredients as much as possible. The products are especially formulated for all skin types and for everyday use.



The Byron Bay Olive Company produces some of the best marinated olives, homemade Tapenade or other Mediterranean products like marinated Feta or sun dried tomatoes, with an authentic taste comparable to one you could only find in the south of France.



100% Quality Products. For research use only. 'If you want peace, prepare for war.'



PONi is created to light the confidence fire inside every woman when she applies our makeup because she looks good, she feels amazing and she feels powerful.



The Himalayan Salt Factory is the largest retail and wholesale Himalayan Salt supplier in Australia. Our products include Himalayan salts (for cooking & bathing), natural salt lamps and selenite crystals. We also offer salt therapy and halotherapy.



Happy cows are the foundation of our company. The healthier and happier they are, the better their milk—simple as that. By using the highest quality sweet milk from our herd of free-range ladies, we have created award-winning cheeses that proudly stand up against all leading competitors.



Where Meat Merchants comes into the picture is developing solid relationships with trusted suppliers. We know that consumers want the best bang for their bucks and with the prime cuts from trusted farms, we know we’re on a winner.


Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition's Melek had a vision of delicious flavorsome home delivered meals in Sydney rafted from good quality local sourced ingredients. Each meal is optimally calorie, macro and portion controlled while tasting great.



Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo won’t sting the eyes and is suitable for delicate/inflamed skin. Naturally derived and really lifts dirt, bacteria and odour without stripping the skin of its natural oils and moisture.



Get your very own Soul Box – raw chocolate kit delivered to your door, filled with cacao - jam packed with antioxidants, magnesium and bliss nutrients that can help keep you energized, healthy, happy. Meraki and Co is where eco meets luxe, uniquely designed box, carefully crafted, wrapped by hand and finished with beautifully handwritten tags. The boxes are designed to give everything you need to experiment with raw cacao, jam packed with antioxidants, magnesium and bliss nutrients that can help keep you energized, healthy and happy.



My Provincial Kitchen are truly passionate about Lupins! Traditionally lupins have been used to feed stock as they are a great source of protein & fibre. They have worked long and hard at developing products that are easy to use as well as yummy to eat. At My Provincial Kitchen they love food, farming and family and have developed a range of yummy as well as good for you gluten free premixes that your whole family will love.



Husk & Earnest offers unrefined, natural organic coconut oil that is 100% free from chemicals, additives, bleaching and deodorizing. Their raw, organic cold pressed coconut oil is harvested in Sri Lanka’s, Coconut Triangle, renowned for its superior quality and highest standards of production. Using traditional processing methods, passed down through generations, local family producers set the standard for coconut oil excellence.



Jerk Masters is a Premium Newcastle Australian beef jerky range, featuring delicious flavors such as Smokey Chilli, Smokey BBQ, Garlic Pepper and Smokey Honey. All hand crafted locally from “Premium Australian” ingredience. The perfect high protein, low fat, on the go snack.



Snow White is a professional teeth whitening company based on the Gold Coast, Australia. They offer professional home whitening kits & salon in chair whitening. Our formula is the highest quality & legal strength. Safe, effective results.

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