In a marketplace thirsting for innovation, our latest collaboration with VitaMelon has set a new standard for beverage indulgence. VitaMelon's revolutionary concept combines the natural sweetness of watermelon juice with the effervescence of a summer celebration, creating a beverage experience unlike any other. Our design studio was tasked with encapsulating this unique blend of flavors and feelings into the product's packaging, a challenge we met with creativity and precision. With the VitaMelon sparkling juice package design, we've transcended traditional beverage packaging norms to craft an experience that beckons consumers with the promise of a healthier, more delightful drink option. Our collaboration with VitaMelon exemplifies our design studio's commitment to innovation, aesthetic excellence, and the power of packaging to tell a compelling story.


Calmva - Kava

Originating from an inspiring sojourn in Vanuatu, our venture into the kava industry has been a testament to organic growth and fervent passion. At the core of Calmva Kava's inception is a profound dedication to understanding the nuanced science of kava. Their approach has been holistic, encompassing rigorous study of contemporary research and time-honoured practices.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence has led us on extensive travels across the South Pacific's vibrant cultures, engaging with preeminent kava connoisseurs and integrating our personal experiences into our knowledge base.


Kobi's Kitchen

Eating healthy and delicious food sounded like it would mean hours in the kitchen, so Kobi decided to develop recipes that took less than half an hour with whole food ingredients that were good on the body, posting them on her social media. Through uploading these recipes, she began to see that there were many people out there with a hectic schedule facing the same hurdles when it came to whipping up healthy meals. So, Kobi wanted to work out a way to bring flavour to people’s home without adding hours of cooking to their day. She created 3 delicious and healthy sachets that we designed.


Clouds Hard Seltzer

Discover Clouds Hard Seltzer and our art of packaging design . They are specialize in creating hard seltzers that transcend traditional drinking experiences taking the consumer to A Moment in the Clouds. Our commitment to excellent packaging design is evident in each product making a light, yet impactful statement on shelves, Clouds Hard Seltzer is offering a low-calorie, fruit-infused beverage that delights both the palate and the eyes.


Georges Gefsi - Flavours of Greece

Discover the essence of authentic Greek culinary delights with George’s Gefsi - Flavours of Greece. Our team at Graphic Design Australia proudly presents the transformative journey of George's, a brand synonymous with the rich flavors and traditions of Greek cuisine. Since the early '90s, George’s has been a culinary beacon at Curtin University and throughout Greater Perth, expanding their reach with the launch of Greek Street food trucks in 2015. Their story is one of family, tradition, and an unwavering commitment to quality, now rebranded and with new package design to stand out in the crowd at a first glance.


Solomon Kava

As a design studio, we've had the pleasure of reimagining the packaging for ARTISAN FINE FOODS, a Byron Bay-based brand that brings the flavours of the South of France to life through their Mediterranean delicacies. Their range includes handcrafted marinated olives, sweet, pickled garlic, unique black garlic, delicious vegan olive spreads, high-quality Australian organic olive oil, and free-range pork French saucissons made with a traditional Provençal touch.


Solomon Kava

Solomon Kava's brand vision is deeply rooted in the heart of the Solomon Islands' rich cultural tapestry. This brand is committed to authentically representing the unique heritage of the Solomon Islands through their high-quality products. Celebrating the natural and healthful qualities of kava, a revered root in the islands, Solomon Kava not only offers a premium product but also a cultural experience. Each item in their range is a testament to the traditional uses and significance of kava, embodying a deep respect for nature and ancient practices. The brand's dedication to quality and authenticity creates a bridge between the Solomon Islands' culture and the global community, inviting people everywhere to appreciate and partake in this healthy, natural tradition - click to check out the logo design and package design we proudly created for them.


Crunchy Granola - The Sugarless Bakery

We are beyond excited to present our latest packaging design – the Crunchy Cinnamon Granola and Crunchy Granola pouch designs, crafted exclusively for our amazing client, Tony! His captivating visual brief ignited our creative spirits, and we embarked on a journey to bring his brand's vibrancy to life. By combining hand-made illustrations and organic shapes, we crafted designs that beautifully complement the health-conscious essence of his brand.



Tailored specifically for young women aged 20 to 30, the concept embraces the power of relatability by showcasing female figures that strike a chord with the target audience. The overall result is an enchanting package design that celebrates the vibrancy and aspirations of contemporary women. By leveraging its captivating design, the brand can create a cohesive and visually striking identity across various mediums. Promotional products, adorned with the pattern illustration, offer a unique and tangible way to engage with the target audience. Tote bags, for instance, can serve as walking billboards, carrying the brand's message and aesthetic wherever they go. These products become more than just functional items; they become fashion statements and conversation starters.


Just Fresh Made

Just Fresh Made aim is to bring you fresh, healthy, and delicious Salads, Spuds, Wraps and Handmade Pastas in fast and convenient way. ‘Just Fresh Made’ is stand by its name as they have healthy takeaway for everyone. They offer vegan , gluten free, dairy free dishes. They use fresh produce, which is sourced locally, and the menu is inspired from all flavours around the world. They use Aussie made ingredients to keep our country taste. Every item from their menu is made from Aussie veggies. Their supplies directly come from farms on daily basis, serving you fresh food.


Eat 'hem All

We are excited to introduce Eat 'hem All, a chicken sauce that brings Korean cuisine to everyone's fingertips. Once you try it, you might have trouble not eating them all at once – lol. This Honey Cajun marinated chicken sauce is a traditional Korean recipe. Add the perfect seasoning to your favourite dishes with Eat 'hem All. You can make your family's favourite meals even better. To enhance the taste of all the family's favourite dishes, simply add the sauce!


Koala Hut Fresh Juice

The amazing people from Kola Hut reached out to us looking for a brand and packaging refresh for Koala Hut Fresh Juice Cafe. Their new cafe will be located in Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, so their main target is tourists and children. Koala Hut needed to portray healthy, fun, tropical fresh jungle vibes and it needed to be suitable to be used in multiple merchandising items such as bottles label design, cups, t-shirts, signage, etc.


Al Natural Oysters

Al Natural Oysters was established in 2020. A trip to one of their local oyster farmers gave them an experience they could never forget, a large amount of live oysters, full of brine, opened and enjoyed at their own leisure. Immediately they knew this simple, salty, and naturally beautiful delicacy was the thing they want to share with others. Their procedures ensure a real oyster experience, opened as close to serving as possible is the key. The natural brine gives you a unique experience every time. Delivering flavours directly associated with the natural surroundings of that location. Brine is immensely important in facilitating the breakdown of heavy metals within. Served without their natural liquor, your oysters are not as nourishing as you might think. The answer is Always eat good oysters, Always eat Al Natural Oysters.


Healthy Folk

For the pineapple, life is sweet... Be like the pineapple! Healthy Folk is an online health food store specializing in healthy hampers within Australia with a focus on waste reduction, recycling, and re-usable products to do our part and educate others in the importance of caring for this planet. Luisa is the woman behind the magic with a love of organic gardening and 15 years of experience as a qualified Naturopath.


Young Bod

Johannah is the face behind Young Bod. She started this Skincare brand with native Australian ingredients from scratch, she had some sketches of what she was looking for. She wanted a feminine body outline and an Australian Native Waratah flower as well as the color shades of the flower: soft pinks, soft natural browns and soft greens for the skin care packaging label design.



Meet Snappy, a black and white cat that loves playing. His owner Jamie loves him so much that he decided to create a brand with his name and face on it. He created a trade directory and document delivery business with the possibility to expand. He was looking for a friendly, modern brand design that included the orange color and a document delivery package design.


SPKD Blends

You don't need to settle for instant coffee when you can have SPKD Blends! There are adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, and MCT oil in this instant latte SPKD. All these powerful natural ingredients have been shown to increase focus and energy while simultaneously supporting elevating your overall mood.



A Norwegian company specialized in microencapsulation, Molofeed has developed and patented a method for creating a new microcapsule that allows any water-soluble nutrients to be enclosed in a shell. The capsules can then be dried into a powder-like product, allowing for ease storage and long shelf life. Staying in suspension until ingested by the animal, micro-encapsulation in hatchery feeds not only ensures that the tiniest animals get the sustenance they need but also prevents nutrient leaching from the micronized feed particles. That optimizes hatchery outputs and reduces the need for antibiotics.


AJ Navrin

Alexandra is one of our favorite clients, she always has a smile on her face. After her success with Alexandra Johns Skincare, she decided to launch a men's skincare range with her husband John. AJ Navrin is a brand inspired on the story of Navrin Turnbull, a boy from Tallebudgera Valley whose dream was to pursue his career as a ballet dancer. He is now performing as a Solo Dancer for Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy. If you dream and dedicate yourself to that dream, you can achieve what you want. Alexandra came to us to design the logo, mens skincare packaging design and website design.


Sit Seasons

The plant-based era has been renewed for the most saucy season yet... Sitara created Sit Seasons after COVID-19 lockdown, she no longer had time to prepare indulgent sauces on her daily routine. She really wanted those same unique flavours, lip-smacking aromas and that comforting homemade feeling minus all the effort, shopping lists and inevitable wastage to make it. Right there, a lightbulb moment. She asked herself: “What if I could pack all those natural ingredients into a long-lasting product so that whenever I craved a hearty meal, I could scoop some out and have the same decadent sauce in minutes”.


Salty Lips

“ Pharmacist, mum of three young adult kids taking on the world (plus the hubby of course!) formulated this alcoholic drink. The delicate blend of sparkling water, clear spirits and essential salts is charged with everything you need to get social today and stay social tomorrow. Based on pure intentions and love of life, this alcoholic seltzer originated in Palm Beach, Queensland to provide you with a new refreshing taste that will season your life.” Kate came to us to design her logo, label design for local Salty Lips drinks and website.


Nourishing by Sally

A brother-and-sister team on a mission to make healthy food delicious and accessible for everyone. Their mission is to break the stigma surrounding health foods tasting like cardboard...because life is too short. It seems like a lifetime ago when Nourishing by Sally was born on the sunny Gold Coast in November 2014. During her time working in a health food store, Sally was constantly asked about healthy recipes and baking. Often, she would direct customers to ingredients they could only purchase in bulk bags at the time. Therefore, they would buy a million dollars' worth of ingredients and spend ages in the kitchen making energy balls.


Spring Valley Eggs

Spring Valley Eggs is a family-owned livestock business with a focus on regenerative agriculture and alternative grazing methods. These include their beloved bees and chickens as well. The eggs they sell come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this way, nothing gets thrown away, and their customers still get the same quality eggs.


Primal Power

Australia Primal Power is a deliciously satisfying high protein bar that will convince you that it is the best protein bar of all time. This is not only for its taste, but also for how satisfied you feel after eating it. Organic maple syrup sweetens the bars to a healthy balance with only the finest organic ingredients. Calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and B vitamins, found in protein bars, help you meet your daily requirements for these micronutrients and Primal Power know all about it.



From puppies to seniors, these super premium rolls are suitable for all growth stages. The Pet Food Hamilton protein rolls are Australian-made and preservative-free and can help with food sensitivities and other indications. Protein rolls come in a variety of flavours such as Turkey and Carrot, Chicken and Broccoli, Salmon and Tapioca, and more.


Australian Juice

Local to the Griffith Riverina area Australian Premium Beverages is an established factory that has resided in the area locally for several generations. In the past the main production has been for bulk wholesale. They were looking to expand into retail products with an Australiana theme. We explored several themes and concepts. Australiana typically is quiet kitsch and for the international market. We wanted one that showcased Australian regions, farms, and local produce. We felt this is appealing to both international and local consumers.


Real Natural

"Real Natural was born during the global pandemic period in 2021. The founder, Matthew, is a food engineer and an MBA entrepreneur in the field of business management consulting for the food industry for over a decade. He realized that anyone around the globe who has experienced this pandemic could have been treated better by a healthier choice of foods in a natural way, besides medicines. He then started to invent some kinds of natural and healthy recipes based on the herbal compendium in 1578, combining them with the Ayurvedic recipes from India."



The world’s tastiest and healthiest chilli sauce. Cold blended chilli – natural and raw, totally vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy free. Made with love and all the stuff that is good for you. There is no heat process in making our sauce which means that our product contains all the natural raw goodness of the blended produce.


Hillman Bros

Hillman Bros Distilling Co is a micro distillery run by brothers Geoff and Matt Hillman. The distillery is located in Yass, NSW and Perth, WA and initially produces Gin, followed by Rum and Whiskey. The brand was created to represent the farmer side of the owners. Two merino sheep symbolize the brothers and their partnership. The sheep were placed facing each other, showing the bond formed by the partners.


Bucks Brew

Growing a wide variety on his farm, Buck honed in on the citrus side to develop his very own craft beer made with his own fruit and brewed. Unsure on what style he wanted, we worked closely with Buck to ensure the packaging design style met his needs and also suited his target demographic.


Tell Someone Who Cares

Tell Someone Who Cares makes a triangular shampoo bar and are very ethically conscious about environmental issues. There are 5 different bars with different colours and 5 different charities receiving a percentage of the profits from each one. With a message of sustainability to spread: No Plastic, No Worries!



Campbell Dermatology & Aesthetics business located in a wine country town called McMinnville in Oregon. They aimed to become Oregon's premier destination for aesthetic services.


Sweet Nutrients

Sweet Nutrients create nourishing raw treats packed to the brim with micronutrients and antioxidants. Their range of raw plant-based treats are 100% natural, vegan, organic, and refined sugar free. You can order their bliss balls, protein balls and DIY blends online for delivery Australia wide.


Tango Gelato

Tango Gelato is an authentic artisan gelato bar. They hand-craft their gelato and sorbet truly from scratch, without the use of imported flavour pastes and base powders. Most other “artisan” gelato bars buy their powders and pastes from importers, which have been shipped halfway around the world. Thus, most other places taste and have the same range of flavors. While they are as artisan as it gets, they never want to lose sight of the fact they are still just “the ice cream shop” and still make Rainbow ice cream that customers love. They also make smoothies and fresh juices to order, as well as acai bowls.


Spark Shark

Spark Shark® Super Spark Kindling Splitters, Australian made and manufactured. Run by two camping enthusiasts, with your, & our safety as first priority.


Seaside Growers

Seaside Growers produce delicious locally grown broccoli, kale and baby lettuce. Ken has big plans to expand to many more products. This healthy brand showcases a playful custom illustrated identity that jumps off the shelf and into your market basket.


Than Cha

THANCHA began as the pioneer supplier of authentic high quality Thai Milk Tea in Australia. THANCHA’s Thai Milk Tea is used by Thai restaurants that strive to provide their guests with completely authentic food and drinks. Additionally, specialist Grocery Stores that carry authentic grocery items from various parts of the world also stock THANCHA’s authentic Thai Milk Tea.


Mae Hill Farm

Farming in harmony with nature is at the heart of everything Mae Hill Farm does. Today, more than ever, people want to know exactly what they’re eating, where it came from and who produced it. At Mae Hill Farm, their premium grass-fed meat is from purebred heritage cattle, sheep and pigs, all born and raised on their land and the process from paddock to plate is entirely traceable. Offering monthly meat boxes which are delivered directly to you door, Mae Hill Farm believes in sustainable and chemical free practices, highlighted in their meat packaging design.



Governed by hundreds of years of local and global meat industry experience, the BINDAREE BEEF GROUP is focused on working together as a passionate and innovative team to supply, process, sell, market and share multi-award winning Australian branded meat programs with the world. This is one of our favorite meat packaging design projects.


Swan Bay Butchers

The Scarrabelotti family has been farming in Australia since arriving from Italy in 1880 on the ill-fated Marquis de Rays expedition. The family is the largest landholder in the Northern Rivers of NSW and produces some of the country's highest quality natural veal, young beef and beef products. Swan Bay meat packaging designs convey the history of the family and the love of their profession.


Vegan Fried Chick’n

Vegan Fried Chick’n was established in 2017, the idea was to find a delicious, nutritious and convenient alternative to the classic comfort food – Fried Chicken. The products are fueled by plants


Australian Bushfood

Botonics are a functional luxury health brand that promotes inner health, wellbeing, beauty and sleep through a new range of superfood blends featuring Australian Bushfood native botanicals as key ingredients.


Dans Dim Sim Kitchen

At Dans Dim Sim Kitchen they specialize in Asian style finger foods with award winning products ,offering wholesale direct to the public from a 5 star manufacturing plant on the Gold Coast. The even deliver frozen packages straight to your door.


Blue Mountain Initiative

When Brooke from Blue Mountain Initiative came to us with the business name 'Blue Mountain Initiatives' he wanted to somehow reflect this in the logo - and after discussion and research we decided that the best way to do this was by a customised sketch of a well known formation in the Blue Mountains - the 'Three Sisters' rock formation.


Artisan Food Co.

Artisan Food Co. offer a wide range of restaurant quality foods in various packaging formats for the local and international markets including private label and specializing in finger foods & appetizers, pizza dough, antipasti, premium sauces, condiments, dressings, pesto, pantry essentials and ready meals.


Sleep Essential Oil

Sleep Essential Oil originating from Noosa. They have a special interest in sleeping issues and disorders and have spent many years helping people overcome their often debilitating sleeping problems.



Tumblar is a leading contract & private label manufacturing company specialized in Homecare, Laundry, Pest, Air Care, Cleaning, Agri, Home and Hand Sanitizer, also Garden Care servicing premier FMCG, Agri Trade, Industrial Chemical and Cleaning industries.



Ecoriginals was first introduced to Byron Bay Australia in 2011 by a husband & wife team who as parents themselves found the lack of eco options frustrating and unacceptable. This first truly eco disposable nappy was a world first milestone and marked the start of a new era of environmental choice for parents.



Natural-based oil lubricants — like avocado, coconut, vegetable, and olive oils — are great for genital massages and all types of sexual play. They’re also safe for the vagina and safe to eat.


Ecocare Septic Plus

No more smells or blockages – just reliable, pleasant plumbing. Septic Plus unique, powerful Nutrient Enrichment Formula gets to the heart of the problem – fast! Septic Plus works by boosting the bacteria in your system with the micro and macro nutrients they require to quickly multiply and return to the effective numbers needed for your system to work as intended.


Tactical Foods

Survival food is basically anything that can keep man food-secured for an indefinite stretch of time. Survival food can be anything – ranging from energy bars, cookies or crackers, canned products, fresh meat, grains, cereals, dehydrated and freeze dried food.


No Bake

No Bakes mission is to broaden the inspiration behind healthier eating, while being the sole source of delicious 100% Vegan, Organic, Low Calorie, Superfoods Rich, Gluten & Dairy Free No Bake Bars & Bar Mixtures. No Bake Bar's & No bake Bar Mixes that can be made in seconds and ready to eat within the 5-10 minutes.



MobileXS and our associated businesses are one of Australia's leading mobile accessory retail groups. For more than 10 years we have delivered the latest trends in quality smartphone and tablet accessories with 300,000+ happy customers nationwide.



TechXS is on a mission to empower people to use, repair and enjoy their smartphones on their own terms. Our team of Australian product designers, industry experts and top tier manufacturers come together to create products that take the guesswork out of maintaining, repairing and using your mobile device.



Pasture raised, naturally bred, naturally fed veal sourced from proud Australian farmers who are invested in helping maintain the family tradition of producing the country's finest veal by Green Mountain Meats


Green Mountain Meat

The Greenmountain Group of businesses is Australia's largest family-owned and operated vertically integrated beef and veal production and processing operation. They specialises in growing and sourcing naturally bred, naturally fed beef and veal to be processed at our modern export food processing establishment at Coominya in the Somerset Region of south-east Queensland.


Atlantikk Collagen

Atlantikk Collagen has an incredibly unique product range. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It is the substance that holds the body together. Collagen forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure.


Aussie Critters

Aussie Critters make gentle, pure and fun bubble stuff to get kids squeaky clean. Bringing you gorgeous, gentle formulations that nourish kids hair and skin. Rich in botanical extracts, delicate essential oils, free from harsh chemicals and kind to the planet. Made only with the best intentions with no nasties or yucky stuff. Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!



The Baby Bunch offers unique and bespoke organic baby swaddle wraps and sleep ware in stylish designs and are made using quality organic materials. Brooke approached us with a vision of giving every beautiful little human a comforting environment to grow up in and of course doing it in style.


Global Hemp

The Global Hemp Movement (GHM) is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the beneficial properties and many different uses of Australian grown and locally processed hemp products that are high-quality and small batches. Global Hemp Movement is one of the clients that the brands name give us enough ideas to spend the whole year designing something cool.



Gut-friendly, quick, easy, nutritious & yummy superfoods added to your favourite smoothie, snack or healthy breakfast! If you know your health foods, GoodMix ingredient list pretty much speaks for itself. Blend11 is eaten by many naturopaths, personal trainers, doctors & other health professionals :)


Elbow Valley Beef

Proudly producing premium long fed beef, Elbow Valley Beef, based in Canning downs south Queensland has a rich history in the beef market. Their establishment going right back to the early 1960's. With such a long history and premium product we wanted to ensure this carried out through all branding and marketing collateral.


Larich Foods

When Larich family migrated to Australia in 1984, they realized that the growing Sri Lankan expatriate community couldn’t access the dried spices that they needed to create authentic Sri Lankan curry’s. From this small idea, Larich was born, and it set about bringing the highest quality, rich and aromatic Sri Lankan spices to Australia.


Marci Food

Healthy crunchy chewy deliciousness! Handmade crunchy double baked Artisan snacks bursting with feel good, wholesome ingredients. These cracker snacks 'Bark' are low allergen food that is truly handmade and crafted from a love of wholesome foods.


Pasta Capriccio

Passion and enthusiasm are the engine that pushes Pasta Capriccio day by day towards new goals, all of them oriented to improve the quality and the characteristics of the products. Their purpose is to serve excellent products. Driven by an Italian team who still recognize the typical, real Italian tastes and flavours.


WWF Wildlife

Protect and advocate for wildlife in Australia and worldwide. Deliver long term environmental conservation and regeneration programs in Australia. Caitlin from WWF contacted us and asked if we were interested in designing new mailer box design and envelopes for their adoption program.


Bellissima Pasta

From Noona's table to yours. Bellissima local Italian Pantry. They started in Nonna’s kitchen where they learnt the love for fresh, authentic Italian flavours and the beauty of a home cooked meal made with love and soul.


Fuss Dog

Healthy for your furry family. The inspiration - wanting a more convenient option for her Kizzy the Schnauzer. Combining Kizzy's silhouette and a earthy/fun colour palette Fuss Dog was born.


Lotus Skin Care

Lotus Skin Care founder Fatma has been actively involved in the beauty industry for over 10 years, and has seen the change in treatments and products available over that time. Lotus Skin Care uses only natural Australian vegan made ingredients,


Mums Buns

Mums Buns is a privately owned, family run business based in Sydney. It’s always been in our blood to strive to assist other Australian businesses achieve their maximum potential by taking away the stress of sourcing quality baked products.


Oracle Injectables

Oracle Injectables is a NSW based business who has created their own aftercare/skincare line for their cosmetic clinic. These products are made with organic and vegan ingredients which sets them apart from other products in the market.


Pandan The Panda

Pandan the Panda's owner, Dot, is passionate about cooking,  with such a passion for food, Dot moved to Australia to study cooking. "I am an Australian with a Chinese Indonesian background who loves eating pandan instead of bamboo"


Pepper & Murphy

Pepper & Murphy’s dog treats are 100% hand-made and packaged so we can assure you there are no added preservatives or fillers. Pepper & Murphy's is inspired by our two pooches of the same name. They are the models you see on the website and usually come with us to any doggy day events in Sydney.


Sourdough Crumpet Co

Organic, sourdough crumpets and homemade curds locally made in the Northern Rivers. What began as a hobby to treat family friends, grew into a small farmers market stall, which grew into a production kitchen out of which Tim and his team now create his famous crumpets for cafes, restaurants, resorts and retail.



B Inspired has a wide range of organic herbal teas and superfood blends. The range is therapeutically blended according to principles of traditional western herbal medicine and supports both emotional and physical health. Each blend is created with a true purpose and promotes wellness. Health, wellness, clean, fresh, modern



Granny Frankfurter was travelling along the East Coast of Australia with her longboard, checking out the best surf breaks, hanging 10 & winning over locals. When we asked the secret to her good health & vitality she told us the recipe for her Wunderkraut which has kept generations of Frankfurters healthy & happy. A perfect match for your sandwich, salad or cheese platter. Enjoy with your morning eggs or evening meal.



Snake Bite Original Cider made in Australia from local ingredients. No preservatives, no chemicals, keep refrigerated. Not too sweet, not too bitter, just...bite!



Vabori is an Australian Family Owned brand and we are excited to be able to share with you, our great tasting and High Strength Australian Olive Leaf Extract.



This high quality, affordable range uses luscious yoghurt and other indulgent natural ingredients as much as possible. The products are especially formulated for all skin types and for everyday use.



The Byron Bay Olive Company produces some of the best marinated olives, homemade Tapenade or other Mediterranean products like marinated Feta or sun dried tomatoes, with an authentic taste comparable to one you could only find in the south of France.



100% Quality Products. For research use only. 'If you want peace, prepare for war.'



PONi is created to light the confidence fire inside every woman when she applies our makeup because she looks good, she feels amazing and she feels powerful.



The Himalayan Salt Factory is the largest retail and wholesale Himalayan Salt supplier in Australia. Our products include Himalayan salts (for cooking & bathing), natural salt lamps and selenite crystals. We also offer salt therapy and halotherapy.



Happy cows are the foundation of our company. The healthier and happier they are, the better their milk—simple as that. By using the highest quality sweet milk from our herd of free-range ladies, we have created award-winning cheeses that proudly stand up against all leading competitors.



Where Meat Merchants comes into the picture is developing solid relationships with trusted suppliers. We know that consumers want the best bang for their bucks and with the prime cuts from trusted farms, we know we’re on a winner. The meat packaging design highlights the experience that is guaranteed to please.


Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition's Melek had a vision of delicious flavorsome home delivered meals in Sydney rafted from good quality local sourced ingredients. Each meal is optimally calorie, macro and portion controlled while tasting great.



Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo won’t sting the eyes and is suitable for delicate/inflamed skin. Naturally derived and really lifts dirt, bacteria and odour without stripping the skin of its natural oils and moisture.



Get your very own Soul Box – raw chocolate kit delivered to your door, filled with cacao - jam packed with antioxidants, magnesium and bliss nutrients that can help keep you energized, healthy, happy. Meraki and Co is where eco meets luxe, uniquely designed box, carefully crafted, wrapped by hand and finished with beautifully handwritten tags. The boxes are designed to give everything you need to experiment with raw cacao, jam packed with antioxidants, magnesium and bliss nutrients that can help keep you energized, healthy and happy.



My Provincial Kitchen are truly passionate about Lupins! Traditionally lupins have been used to feed stock as they are a great source of protein & fibre. They have worked long and hard at developing products that are easy to use as well as yummy to eat. At My Provincial Kitchen they love food, farming and family and have developed a range of yummy as well as good for you gluten free premixes that your whole family will love.



Husk & Earnest offers unrefined, natural organic coconut oil that is 100% free from chemicals, additives, bleaching and deodorizing. Their raw, organic cold pressed coconut oil is harvested in Sri Lanka’s, Coconut Triangle, renowned for its superior quality and highest standards of production. Using traditional processing methods, passed down through generations, local family producers set the standard for coconut oil excellence.



Jerk Masters is a Premium Newcastle Australian beef jerky range, featuring delicious flavors such as Smokey Chilli, Smokey BBQ, Garlic Pepper and Smokey Honey. All hand crafted locally from “Premium Australian” ingredience. The perfect high protein, low fat, on the go snack.



Snow White is a professional teeth whitening company based on the Gold Coast, Australia. They offer professional home whitening kits & salon in chair whitening. Our formula is the highest quality & legal strength. Safe, effective results.



Alexandra Johns Skincare is a family owned and operated company in Australia, aimed at helping mature women feel younger with their unique range of products.



Our formulas come from a deeply rewarding career of co founder Amanda’s 29 years in the health and wellness industry. Amanda & founding partner, her mother Robyn, work tirelessly together to bring their passion for Natures medicine to benefit people and families in their everyday lives.



Social Espresso are Gold Coast coffee roasters bringing coastal communities together through the enjoyment of well-crafted coffee. They are a coastal tribe of café partners, bean followers sourcing only well roasted and delicious coffee.



South of the border Foods specialise in handmade made authentic Mexican cuisine. Located in northern NSW, they serve locals only the finest and side each dish with their very own in house salsa.


The Lunch Carte

Making lunch times easier for primary school parents, The Lunch Carte is a nutritious meal delivery service which pre-prepares your child’s school lunches for the week - easy, convenient and delicious. The brand is vibrant, fun and playful to ensure it will appeal to the target market and reflect health, wellness and fun.


The Pasta Emporium

Mother and Daughter duo, Natalie & Sonia opened a pasta-centric provedore where locals could buy fresh, handmade pasta by the gram, along with take-home meals and specialty deli goods. And so the Pasta Emporium was born. Inspired by traditional and authentic hand made Italian cuisine these ladies wanted to bring the taste of Italy to the Gold Coast!


Slim Mama Co

The founders of Slim Mumma were wanting to produce a meal replacement shake to help fellow Mamas and future Mamas become the best version of themselves by helping them lose weight, gain confidence. They came to us wanting a fresh look that had a more organic feel as their products were more nutrition based targeted at young women.


Snail Bloom

The client was looking for a simple feminine cosmetic brand that could be easily recognizable by it’s snail core element, so we design a one colour brand using negative spaces to connect women and snail. The luxury touch and feel the business aimed within the packaging was achieve but special printing finish, matt black packaging helped the Silver Foil brand stand out and highlights to the smart Spot UV snail trails pattern texture running through the boxes across all range.

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"Thank you so much for your work today. I'm really stoked at your professionalism and creativity and excited to be moving forward at last brandwise."