Macro Mike

Mike came to us with a big vision for starting his brand Macro Mike – a company that would produce the best quality natural whole food treats making sure anyone who had food restrictions could still enjoy the best treats possible! After having to deal with food restrictions himself, Mike wanted help getting the look for his brand just right; fun, vibrant and energetic.


Love Ya Guts

Brooke came to us with a logo and branding she had done a DIY job on to get her started, that was ready for a refresh now that the business was taking off! The philosophy of the business is all about helping people with gut problems in a natural way, and Brooke wanted branding that would reflect this ideal and carry the business forward.



Stephanie Hart is a qualified nutritionist and has been in the food industry for more than 25 years. For 18 years she owned her own café and catering business, and over time she noticed how many people requested dietary advice.


Dog and Gun

With an already well-established business, Shaun approached us in need of a revamp. Being a rebrand, we needed to delicately approach the project and ensure it not move to far away from what customers were familiar with. Shaun was very passionate about his product and what it meant to the customer. We loved working with Shaun and are super pumped with how it all came together!



Saiyuri herbal teas are sourced from the world’s finest tea producers. Their herbal teas are premium quality and handpicked to please the world’s fussiest tea drinkers. A local Australian business located in the sunny Gold Coast Queensland, they started through their love for Japanese food and the limited supply of authentic Japanese cookware and teaware available in Australia.



Immerse yourself in its ruby colour. Lose yourself in its intense fruitiness and fresh, sour notes. Its unique taste and colour invite you to create unique pairings. Ruby chocolate is made from "ruby cocoa beans" which has an intense fruity taste and characteristic pinkish colour. Australia Macadamia Nuts coated in Ruby Chocolate and the addition of Australian Native Superfood.


Derryn Bird Honey

Derryn is a small local Byron bay farmer/beekeeper and fruit and vegetable grocer. He has a passion of sharing his beekeeping craftsmanship with his young son. New to branding and marketing he was very open to exploring concepts and ideas.


Ozganics Noodles

Ozganics Noodle Kitchen makes a range of organic, authentic asian noodles made using the Japanese steam technique. The brand needing to be revamped and relaunched with the addition of capturing the fast meal noodle market. Not like any other product on the shelf we needed to be differentiated from the typical 2 minute cheap unhealthy alternatives.


Sion Williams Naturopath

Sion Williams naturopath services the global community who are suffering from chronic, end-stage or terminal illnesses. He initiates detox and regeneration through a focused raw plant-based diet and elevates the detoxication effect through a fruitarian diet that mimics fasting and promotes the fasting condition within the body


Innovative Pet

Innovative Pet Products is an Australian company that brings you an innovative range of quality goods for pets. Hazel and Joe Clarke are passionate about pet’s health, play and fitness, so Innovative Pet creates a variety of unique pet accessories and products to fit into every stage of a cat or dog’s life.

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"After working with the team to develop marketing collateral for multiple businesses, I wouldn't dream of using an expensive big agency again. Kelly and her team provide world class designs."