Ozganics Noodles

Ozganics Noodle Kitchen makes a range of organic, authentic asian noodles made using the Japanese steam technique. The brand needing to be revamped and relaunched with the addition of capturing the fast meal noodle market. Not like any other product on the shelf we needed to be differentiated from the typical 2 minute cheap unhealthy alternatives.


Sion Williams Naturopath

Sion Williams naturopath services the global community who are suffering from chronic, end-stage or terminal illnesses. He initiates detox and regeneration through a focused raw plant-based diet and elevates the detoxication effect through a fruitarian diet that mimics fasting and promotes the fasting condition within the body


Innovative Pet

Innovative Pet Products is an Australian company that brings you an innovative range of quality goods for pets. Hazel and Joe Clarke are passionate about pet’s health, play and fitness, so Innovative Pet creates a variety of unique pet accessories and products to fit into every stage of a cat or dog’s life.

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