Great health packaging design is what sells products! A product’s quality is what secures consumers loyalty and drives purchases. Does your health packaging design and branding have shelf presence?


Primal Power

Australia Primal Power is a deliciously satisfying high protein bar that will convince you that it is the best protein bar of all time. This is not only for its taste, but also for how satisfied you feel after eating it. Organic maple syrup sweetens the bars to a healthy balance with only the finest organic ingredients. Calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and B vitamins, found in protein bars, help you meet your daily requirements for these micronutrients and Primal Power know all about it.


Global Hemp

The Global Hemp Movement (GHM) is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the beneficial properties and many different uses of Australian grown and locally processed hemp products that are high-quality and small batches. Global Hemp Movement is one of the clients that the brands name give us enough ideas to spend the whole year designing something cool.



Gut-friendly, quick, easy, nutritious & yummy superfoods added to your favourite smoothie, snack or healthy breakfast! If you know your health foods, GoodMix ingredient list pretty much speaks for itself. Blend11 is eaten by many naturopaths, personal trainers, doctors & other health professionals :)


Australian Bushfood

Botonics are a functional luxury health brand that promotes inner health, wellbeing, beauty and sleep through a new range of superfood blends featuring Australian Bushfood native botanicals as key ingredients.


Sleep Essential Oil

Sleep Essential Oil originating from Noosa. They have a special interest in sleeping issues and disorders and have spent many years helping people overcome their often debilitating sleeping problems.



Stephanie Hart is a qualified nutritionist and has been in the food industry for more than 25 years. For 18 years she owned her own café and catering business, and over time she noticed how many people requested dietary advice.



Vabori is an Australian Family Owned brand and we are excited to be able to share with you, our great tasting and High Strength Australian Olive Leaf Extract.



Our formulas come from a deeply rewarding career of co founder Amanda’s 29 years in the health and wellness industry. Amanda & founding partner, her mother Robyn, work tirelessly together to bring their passion for Natures medicine to benefit people and families in their everyday lives.


Slim Mama Co

The founders of Slim Mumma were wanting to produce a meal replacement shake to help fellow Mamas and future Mamas become the best version of themselves by helping them lose weight, gain confidence. They came to us wanting a fresh look that had a more organic feel as their products were more nutrition based targeted at young women.


Love Ya Guts

Brooke came to us with a logo and branding she had done a DIY job on to get her started, that was ready for a refresh now that the business was taking off! The philosophy of the business is all about helping people with gut problems in a natural way, and Brooke wanted branding that would reflect this ideal and carry the business forward.


Sion Williams Naturopath

Sion Williams naturopath services the global community who are suffering from chronic, end-stage or terminal illnesses. He initiates detox and regeneration through a focused raw plant-based diet and elevates the detoxication effect through a fruitarian diet that mimics fasting and promotes the fasting condition within the body

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