The packaging design company that began at the kitchen table!


Some of the best ideas germinate at the kitchen table. So it was with Graphic Design Australia, which began its life in Kelly’s small Palm Beach apartment. Navigating her grandfather’s old 486 computer, she would work through the night, taking any job she could. Determined to launch her own packaging design company, Kelly’s grit and hard work soon led to an upgraded computer, an actual desk, then a separate room and finally a whole studio. With the help of advice, guidance and mentoring, the company burgeoned. Soon, she had a skilled, award-winning team of designers, a number of whom still lead the studio while others have established their own successful enterprises.

Set in a converted warehouse at Burleigh Heads, the studio buzzes with creativity and innovation. It provides a friendly environment for small to medium businesses to visit, join the designers in the creative process and be hands-on in developing their all-important product branding, visual identity, marketing and packaging design. At the heart of the packaging design company team’s ethos is a deep understanding of how important it is to connect to the client’s dream and get their fledgling business off to a flying start.



Graphic Design Australia - Packaging Design Company

Kelly Robinson
Creative Director

Kelly’s brainchild evolved from humble kitchen-table origins into the thriving studio that is Graphic Design Australia. A design, branding and marketing expert, Kelly has nurtured a warm-hearted, creative environment and likeminded team of designers where the client always comes first.

Graphic Design Australia - Packaging Design Company

Isac Pena - Studio Manager
Marketing Extraordinaire

Isac joined Graphic Design Australia’s packaging design company in 2018. Boasting a deep knowledge of global marketing (as well as unparalleled cooking skills!), Isac did an advertising degree at FAESA in Brazil before completing a master’s degree in marketing at Spain’s prestigious EADA Business School.

Graphic Design Australia - Packaging Design Company

Skye Crisp
Senior Graphic Designer

Skye joined the team over 6 years ago after gaining a degree in communication design. Beginning as a Junior Graphic Designer, Skye’s awesome design skills coupled with her great understanding of each client’s brief has led to her becoming one of our talented Senior Graphic Designers.



Graphic Design Australia - Packaging Design Company

Leo Gimenez
Senior Graphic Designer

Before he even understood what design meant, Leo was on his creative journey. As a youngster, his twin passions were surfing and drawing. He combined these by hand-decorating old surfboards, falling in love with the process of making attractive things. At 17, he realised for sure what he wanted to do and embarked on his professional path.

Graphic Design Australia - Packaging Design Company

Gus Marmitt
Graphic Designer

Gus has been a graphic designer for over a decade. While gaining his bachelor’s degree in advertising at Brazil’s Feevale University, he was awarded many top accolades, including Best Advertising Campaign and Best Art Director. He began working on a small newspaper before moving to advertising agencies, print shops, e-commerce – and Graphic Design Australia!

Graphic Design Australia - Packaging Design Company

Maria Torres
Designer + Illustrator

One of our newest recruits, Maria actually studied to be an architect, completing her bachelor and master’s at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. After 6 years of study, followed by a year working as an architect, she realised she needed a change of career path. Now she’s delighted to be able to develop her creativity 100% on a daily basis.



Graphic Design Australia - Packaging Design CompanyGraphic Design Australia - Packaging Design CompanyGraphic Design Australia - Packaging Design CompanyGraphic Design Australia - Packaging Design CompanyGraphic Design Australia - Packaging Design CompanyGraphic Design Australia - Packaging Design Company

Graphic Design Australia, a packaging design company built on passion, hard work and persistence.

"They are passionate, honest, personable, and most importantly, exceptionally talented"

I have worked with Graphic Design Australia to create a unique packaging design for our new brand, Snailbloom. Even with the limited information I was able to provide, the team there was able to deliver an exceptional result that fit our needs perfectly. In addition to being completely satisfied with their performance, they were a great pleasure to work with. They are passionate, honest, personable, and, most importantly, exceptionally talented. Isac and the rest of the team get significantly invested in every project, are always punctual, and deliver everything according to set timelines. In addition to that, they offer the most competitive rates in for packaging design company. I'm looking forward to working with them again soon! Thank you for your hard work and for going the extra mile!

Roman Yakobnyuk, Snailbloom