Pet Food packaging design that makes your product stand out from the rest


Every product has a behind the scenes story. It usually consists of a vision, hard work, commitment to succeed and a genuine passion for the product created. Using the pieces of your story will create your branding and design, and is what will connect your customers to your products. Unique Pet Food packaging design will play a key factor when it comes to consumers picking your product. The design is what attracts consumers, the story keeps them interested, and the products themselves are what will build brand loyalty.

Utilise each point of contact you have with consumers, with packaging design that represents your products and passion in the right light. From integrating the packaging design beautifully with your brand and its story, through to taking care of logistics, and developing, and executing a product marketing plan. As Australia’s branding and packaging professionals, the graphic design Australia team provides you with holistic packaging strategies and designs that help highlight your products and reach more consumers.



Pet Food Packaging Design - Pet Food Marketing

1. Marketing exploration
choose the right target market and successfully reach them using pun methods

Through analysis of competitors, industry and the target market, an effective Pet Food marketing strategy can be planned to truly connect with the right audience.

Pet Food Packaging Design - Pet Food Branding Design

2. The branding design
communicate your points of difference through the Pet Food product branding design

Convey your whole story – using the right words and the right design, leverage your points of difference in your Pet Food product branding design.

Pet Food Packaging Design - Pet Food Label Design

3. Packaging + label design
Pet Food label design that compels people to choose by creating shelf presence

Stand apart from everything else on the shelf, with Pet Food label design that catches the eye and attracts the hand.



Pet Food Packaging Design - Pet Food Packaging Designer

Pet Food packaging

There are various ways you can build a loyal customer base AFTER someone has purchased. We work with you to ensure the first step is consumers choose your product over another. We know that having a Pet Food packaging design that cleverly conveys the brand and product, will help connect with your audience. Techniques we use to achieve this include working with colours that match your key values, creating an uncluttered design that’s easy to interpret and producing a clean design that delivers.

Once someone has purchased your product there are many opportunities to connect and engage with that customer. When combining regular contact, with consistent branding AND a product that people genuinely love, then that’s when the loyalty and word of mouth continue to build time and time again.



A true partnership
with graphic design australia

2,000+ brands created // 2,800+ businesses supported

We truly love what we do here at graphic design australia. Our team is dedicated and passionate about brand and design, which means we will work closely with all of our clients to achieve their desired results. There is even the option for you, as a client, to come and sit with the team in the design studio, while we work on your project. How’s that for transparency!

Since 2004 we have worked with clients and produced hundreds of design elements, including Pet Food packaging design. With a dedicated team of designers, we offer clients precisely what they need to build and launch an effective product, using our unique design approach and ideas.

Pet Food Packaging Design - Pet Food Packaging Designer


Pet Food Packaging Design - Pet Food Packaging Designer


Pet Food Packaging Design - Pet Food Packaging Designer


Pet Food Packaging Design - Pet Food Packaging Designer


Pet Food Packaging Design - Pet Food Packaging Designer



Pet Food Packaging Design Inspiration




"When we started our business making an artisan sauerkraut we knew branding our product properly would be a key factor in our success. Our goal was to create a unique, modern, country fair look that hinted at the hand-made nature of our product while also conveying quality and the uplifting health benefits of adding kraut to your diet. Working with Racheal we hit all of our goals, creating an eye catching look and branding that instantly tells a positive story about our product. The fact that we get so many compliments about the appearance of our product before anyone even tastes what is inside the jar is very much down to her contribution. Thanks heaps!" Warm regards, Pamela & Shawn. Pet Food Packaging Design Project