Cacao Packaging Design that sells and truly stands out


All the research, product development, quizzing friends and polling family have lead to this. Every product has its own story, encompassing the hard work, commitment and passion of its creators. Great Cacao packaging design is the link that brings this story to new customers, generating brand loyalty and ultimately driving purchasing decisions.

Make the most of every touch point with packaging design that’s strategic and seamless – from integrating with your brand and its story to taking care of logistics and executing a marketing plan. As branding and packaging professionals, the Graphic Design Australia team provides you with holistic packaging strategies and design that generate interest and loyalty from customers.



Cacao Packaging Design - Cacao Marketing

1. Marketing exploration
choose the right target market and successfully reach them using pun methods

Through analysis of competitors, industry and the target market, an effective Cacao marketing strategy can be planned to truly connect with the right audience.

Cacao Packaging Design - Cacao Branding Design

2. The branding design
communicate your points of difference through the Cacao product branding design

Convey your whole story – using the right words and the right design, leverage your points of difference in your Cacao product branding design.

Cacao Packaging Design - Cacao Label Design

3. Packaging + label design
Cacao label design that compels people to choose by creating shelf presence

Stand apart from everything else on the shelf, with Cacao label design that catches the eye and attracts the hand


Cacao Packaging Design - Cacao Packaging Designer

Cacao packaging
Design With Real Shelf Presence

“Never judge a book by its cover” is the best advice no one took. The reality is, Cacao packaging design will generally be a customer’s first exposure to the product. Our advice? Make the first impression count. But looks are only half the story. Once it’s in a customer’s hands, we’ll ensure what they read perfectly captures your most compelling points of difference, helping to create a genuine competitive edge and actually influence purchase decisions.

Graphic Design Australia team create bold, unapologetic Cacao packaging design that begs to be picked up, accompanied by text that clearly conveys exactly what the product is and why people should buy it. Both visually appealing while being conscious of the intricacies of the greater marketing plan



A true partnership
with graphic design australia

2,000+ brands created // 2,800+ businesses supported

Less a one-off engagement; more a long-term marketing support relationship: the Graphic Design Australia team invite you to work in a true partnership with us. We welcome you to visit our office to meet with our team and even sit alongside us to be part of your Cacao packaging design coming to life.

The Graphic Design Australia team brings over 15 years’ experience working alongside people just like you. Whether you’re targeting a local farmer’s market or multiple channels and markets, we partner with you to bring your product to market with professional, commercially astute design that compels consumers to choose you.

Cacao Packaging Design - Cacao Packaging Designer


Cacao Packaging Design - Cacao Packaging Designer


Cacao Packaging Design - Cacao Packaging Designer


Cacao Packaging Design - Cacao Packaging Designer


Cacao Packaging Design - Cacao Packaging Designer



Cacao Packaging Design Inspiration




"Kelly and the team at Graphic Design Australia for my ecommerce website. The team have done a fantastic job on everything from my logo; to website design; to packaging design and helped with general marketing collateral. She is the ultimate!!!!! You don't realise when you first start what you need, and Kelly has been instrumental in helping with this. Her designs really stand the test of time too. Amazing. Totally recommend her." Felicia Rusher - Cacao Packaging Design Project