Brownie packaging design that makes your product stand out from the rest


Every product has a behind the scenes story. It usually consists of a vision, hard work, commitment to succeed and a genuine passion for the product created. Using the pieces of your story will create your branding and design, and is what will connect your customers to your products. Unique Brownie packaging design will play a key factor when it comes to consumers picking your product. The design is what attracts consumers, the story keeps them interested, and the products themselves are what will build brand loyalty.

Utilise each point of contact you have with consumers, with packaging design that represents your products and passion in the right light. From integrating the packaging design beautifully with your brand and its story, through to taking care of logistics, and developing, and executing a product marketing plan. As Australia’s branding and packaging professionals, the graphic design Australia team provides you with holistic packaging strategies and designs that help highlight your products and reach more consumers.



Brownie Packaging Design - Brownie Marketing

1. Marketing exploration
connect with your audience through design

A successful Brownie marketing strategy will provide you with a mapped out plan of how to go from an idea to bringing your products to life, marketing them, and connecting with your audience across various marketing channels.

Brownie Packaging Design - Brownie Branding Design

2. The branding design
Brownie product branding design that is unique and effective

Having a unique design will help you engage you’re your audience clearly and easily, which is the main goa to convince someone to buy from you. Having the right brand strategy when it comes to Brownie product branding design will support your success.

Brownie Packaging Design - Brownie Label Design

3. Packaging + label design

The label of a product is a critical design piece of the overall design, particularly if you want your Brownie label design to stand out on the supermarket shelf.



Brownie Packaging Design - Brownie Packaging Designer

Brownie packaging
design With Real Shelf Presence

“Never judge a book by its cover” is the best advice no one took. The reality is, Brownie packaging design will generally be a customer’s first exposure to the product. Our advice? Make the first impression count. But looks are only half the story. Once it’s in a customer’s hands, we’ll ensure what they read perfectly captures your most compelling points of difference, helping to create a genuine competitive edge and actually influence purchase decisions.

Graphic Design Australia team create bold, unapologetic Brownie packaging design that begs to be picked up, accompanied by text that clearly conveys exactly what the product is and why people should buy it. Both visually appealing while being conscious of the intricacies of the greater marketing plan.



A true partnership
with graphic design australia

2,000+ brands created // 2,800+ businesses supported

Graphic design Australia is made up of a team of experienced designers who work collaboratively with clients. Not only do we achieve positive outcomes for our clients, we also encourage clients to come and visit our studio and sit alongside our team while they work on your project. As passionate business owners and designers, we know that true success only comes when you have built strong partnerships with clients.

Over the last 15 + years, we have worked on thousands of design and branding projects including Brownie packaging design project. Our team of designers can help bring your products to life whilst you can watch your vision and passion come to life. When it comes to packaging design, our team can deliver the goods.

Brownie Packaging Design - Brownie Packaging Designer


Brownie Packaging Design - Brownie Packaging Designer


Brownie Packaging Design - Brownie Packaging Designer


Brownie Packaging Design - Brownie Packaging Designer


Brownie Packaging Design - Brownie Packaging Designer



Brownie Packaging Design Inspiration




"I worked with Racheal to create the design for my new coffee and cake business. She really listened to what I needed and came up with the most amazing logo and design which I am so pleased with. I get a lot of comments from people about how good it looks. The team are friendly and helpful and super fun to work with. I’d highly recommend using Graphic Design Australia for all your design needs!" Tracey Rochelle, The Kiwi Cafe. Brownie Packaging Design Project