Noodle packaging design that Compels Consumers To Choose Your Product


Customised consumer brand packaging goes beyond a logo and a label. It’s about genuinely connecting with your audience and showcasing not only your product but also your brand personality. Cleverly designed product packaging is the difference between a successful product and one that sits on a shelf begging for attention.

The team here at graphic design Australia work with clients to bring their ideas to life through quality design and smart branding and packaging. Our aim is for your product to become a huge success, and we know packaging and design plays a large part in that.



Noodle Packaging Design - Noodle Marketing

1. Marketing exploration
understand your customers so you connect your product with their needs and wants

Having a clear Noodle marketing plan will help you identify precisely who will be purchasing your products, and the best approach to reach this audience through effective marketing channels and opportunities.

Noodle Packaging Design - Noodle Branding Design

2. The branding design
Noodle product branding design that jumps off the shelf

Design is everything when it comes to product marketing and how to achieving the results you desire, and it all comes down to how you execute the different elements of your Noodle product branding design.

Noodle Packaging Design - Noodle Label Design

3. Packaging + label design
Noodle label design that connects and engages

Label design is as important as the product design and when it comes to standing out, having Noodle label design that’s different, creative and connects with your audience, will make a difference.



Noodle Packaging Design - Noodle Packaging Designer

Noodle packaging
design with shelf wow factor

Let’s be honest, as consumers, we are all guilty of judging a book by its cover. With so much competition, the wow factor is key when it comes to packaging design. The primary purpose of great Noodle packaging design is to capture your consumers’ attention, engage them with your product, and encourage them to pick up and take a look at your product, before deciding to purchase. The Graphic Design Australia team delivers packaging projects that provide shelf presence by creating branding that stands out and tells your story.

As part of our packaging design process, we conduct a thorough analysis of your category and competitors, and creatively and concisely leverage your points of difference in your packaging. Standing out in the line-up shapes buying decisions and impacts your bottom line, so getting packaging design right is key to your success.



A true partnership
with graphic design australia

2,000+ brands created // 2,800+ businesses supported

Less a one-off engagement; more a long-term marketing support relationship: the Graphic Design Australia team invite you to work in a true partnership with us. We welcome you to visit our office to meet with our team and even sit alongside us to be part of your Noodle packaging design coming to life.

The Graphic Design Australia team brings over 15 years’ experience working alongside people just like you. Whether you’re targeting a local farmer’s market or multiple channels and markets, we partner with you to bring your product to market with professional, commercially astute design that compels consumers to choose you.

Noodle Packaging Design - Noodle Packaging Designer


Noodle Packaging Design - Noodle Packaging Designer


Noodle Packaging Design - Noodle Packaging Designer


Noodle Packaging Design - Noodle Packaging Designer


Noodle Packaging Design - Noodle Packaging Designer



Noodle Packaging Design Inspiration




"Kelly and the team at Graphic Design Australia for my ecommerce website. The team have done a fantastic job on everything from my logo; to website design; to packaging design and helped with general marketing collateral. She is the ultimate!!!!! You don't realise when you first start what you need, and Kelly has been instrumental in helping with this. Her designs really stand the test of time too. Amazing. Totally recommend her." 
Felicia Rusher - Cacao Packaging Design Project