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Every product has a behind the scenes story. It usually consists of a vision, hard work, commitment to succeed and a genuine passion for the product created. Using the pieces of your story will create your branding and design, and is what will connect your customers to your products. Unique Chutney packaging design will play a key factor when it comes to consumers picking your product. The design is what attracts consumers, the story keeps them interested, and the products themselves are what will build brand loyalty.

Utilise each point of contact you have with consumers, with packaging design that represents your products and passion in the right light. From integrating the packaging design beautifully with your brand and its story, through to taking care of logistics, and developing, and executing a product marketing plan. As Australia’s branding and packaging professionals, the graphic design Australia team provides you with holistic packaging strategies and designs that help highlight your products and reach more consumers.



Chutney Packaging Design - Chutney Marketing

1. Marketing exploration

Having a robust approach to your Chutney marketing will help put you ahead of similar products and stand out. With a plethora of marketing channels and strategies to choose from, we help you create a plan that gives you the best results, using the relevant marketing channels.

Chutney Packaging Design - Chutney Branding Design

2. The branding design

The most critical element of a product marketing strategy is ensuring the product stands out on the shelf and has consumers eager to check it out. A successful Chutney product branding design will not only connect with your audience but also convince them to choose your product.

Chutney Packaging Design - Chutney Label Design

3. Packaging + label design

Labels are everything, and the branding and design process also involves clever and careful creation of the Chutney label design. Developing a consistent theme across all design elements is the right way to establish rapport and recognition with your audience



Chutney Packaging Design - Chutney Packaging Designer

Chutney packaging
design services

The team at Graphic Design Australia go above and beyond when it comes to working clients on design projects. We all know that design is key to making your product stand out which is why we work hard on getting Chutney packaging design right for your market and customers. If a product isn’t appealing on the shelf, then customers will not pick it up to take a look. We pride ourselves on having a collaborative approach with clients in order to produce the highest quality designs that not only stand out but also connect with you and the brand you are building.

Whilst we don’t focus on your competitors, we do include an audit of your product category and competitors. We find that this process helps us quickly identify how your product differs, along with what the market out there are seeking.



A true partnership
with graphic design australia

2,000+ brands created // 2,800+ businesses supported

Less a one-off engagement; more a long-term marketing support relationship: the Graphic Design Australia team invite you to work in a true partnership with us. We welcome you to visit our office to meet with our team and even sit alongside us to be part of your Chutney packaging design coming to life.

The Graphic Design Australia team brings over 15 years’ experience working alongside people just like you. Whether you’re targeting a local farmer’s market or multiple channels and markets, we partner with you to bring your product to market with professional, commercially astute design that compels consumers to choose you.

Chutney Packaging Design - Chutney Packaging Designer


Chutney Packaging Design - Chutney Packaging Designer


Chutney Packaging Design - Chutney Packaging Designer


Chutney Packaging Design - Chutney Packaging Designer


Chutney Packaging Design - Chutney Packaging Designer



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I wanted to create products that are unique and I wanted them to be unlike anything our woman already owns.

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