Food Branding Design that Creates Shelf Presence


The story behind a quality product is what sells, and this story always has passion and dedication behind it. This becomes each product’s point of difference and serves to separate it from the competition. With superior food branding design, products connect more effectively with the target market, building loyalty to the brand and influencing the market’s choices.

The team at Graphic Design Australia work seamlessly together throughout the design, logistics and marketing processes. We offer a packaging strategy that is a continuation of your product journey and are passionate about making every customer touch point work for you. The team is as passionate about packaging logistics and product marketing as they are about design. This holistic service helps build business by driving customer loyalty.



food Branding Design - food Product Branding


Compelling food product branding drives consumers to select you

By telling your story through your packaging you achieve the best results. Your journey to successful branding begins with working out how to communicate your product’s story. It’s then executed through every facet of your food product branding

food Branding Design - food Product Packaging Design


food product packaging design that puts the point across

In a crowded market, your product needs to stand out. Make a splash with food product packaging design that looks fantastic and hits the spot with your target market. With professional planning, the logistics are a breeze.


food Branding Design - food Graphic Design


TARGETED MARKETINGAchieve brand continuity with expert food graphic design

Pinpoint your target customers and failsafe ways to reach them. This optimises your budget and exposure. Consistent food graphic design flowing seamlessly through your marketing materials is the key to success.


food Branding Design - food Product Packaging Design

food Branding Design 
With Shelf Appeal

Grabbing a consumer’s attention can be challenging with so much competition on the shelves. A product has to really stand out from the crowd, compel a customer to pick it up and then translate that action into a sale. This is the mission of great food branding design. The team at Graphic Design Australia uses a range of elements to create superb shelf presence: eye-catching design that tells your product’s story while seizing the attention of your target consumer. It’s topped off with a marketing strategy that places your product exactly where it will be seen.

Our packaging design process begins with a painstaking analysis of your market and competition. We then design packaging that leverages your points of difference. Creating visual impact leads to more sales, which in turn enhances your bottom line. So getting the packaging design 100% right couldn’t be more crucial.



A Genuine Collaboration 
With Graphic Design Australia

2,000+ Brands Created // 2,800+ Businesses Supported

Some design and branding agencies favour a remote relationship. Not so at Graphic Design Australia. Our 20+ years of experience have taught us that close working relationships lead to the best outcome for our clients. You’re welcome to come into the studio, sit down and discuss ideas, and even work beside your designer.
We’ve collaborated with clients across a wide range of industries. Whether your food branding design is for a small range to be sold at farmer’s markets or an expansive line of multiple product ranges destined for diverse channels, we have the expertise to help. Let our team bring your product to life with packaging that connects and compels.

food Branding Design - food Product Branding



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



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Introduce Us to Your food Branding Design Project

We’re eager to learn more about your project. Call us to see how we can secure your competitive position in the market with effective branding design. By starting with quality and cohesive design that shares your story, you will build a brand that positions you as an industry leader. The food branding design sector is highly competitive, and our team can help you disrupt the balance. Book a free consultation today.


Communication was great, we also got some great advice around business marketing and development 
food Branding Design Project

“Our experience was fantastic. We were very new to the business world and honestly had no idea what we were doing. We arrived with some poorly sketched ideas, some in crayon by a four year old and a outline of what we wanted. Rachel listened, nodded at the right times, said no to the things that would not work and came up with lots of great ideas that she reviewed as needed until we were extremely happy. Communication was great, we also got some great advice around business marketing and development (we had been to see several business advisors and tax accountants who just were confusing) in a simple, understandable and practical way. We utilised the free small business session on social media and found it invaluable. Such a good way to practical advice and network with others. If we are able and if they are happening then we would love to attend more in 2020. A particular point that I liked was being invited back to the studio to clarify designs. We didn’t need to as we were happy with email communications, but it gave a personal touch that I appreciated. We will be back for promo stuff as the business grows……..” Regards Rob Mc Mulvo, Little CPR