Healthy Food Branding Design that Creates Shelf Presence


The story behind a quality product is what sells, and this story always has passion and dedication behind it. This becomes each product’s point of difference and serves to separate it from the competition. With superior healthy food branding design, products connect more effectively with the target market, building loyalty to the brand and influencing the market’s choices.

The team at Graphic Design Australia work seamlessly together throughout the design, logistics and marketing processes. We offer a packaging strategy that is a continuation of your product journey and are passionate about making every customer touch point work for you. The team is as passionate about packaging logistics and product marketing as they are about design. This holistic service helps build business by driving customer loyalty.



healthy food Branding Design - healthy food Product Branding


Engaging healthy food product branding compels customers to pick you

The path to successful branding begins with
your story. Our experts work out how to communicate the key points in your packaging, which is rolled out cohesively through your healthy food product branding.

healthy food Branding Design - healthy food Product Packaging Design


healthy food product packaging design that gets the message across

Your healthy food product packaging design needs to work hard on the shelf. Communicate its main selling points with appealing packaging that connects with your customer. Professional planning takes care of logistics.


healthy food Branding Design - healthy food Graphic Design


Build a seamless brand with expert healthy food graphic design 

To maximise exposure and get the most from your budget, identify your target market and the best channels to reach customers. Build on that strength with consistent healthy food graphic design on all materials.


healthy food Branding Design - healthy food Product Packaging Design

healthy food Branding Design 
that Commands Attention

The only way to beat the competition is with quality packaging and design. Quality healthy food branding design commands attention and entices your target market to first read the packaging and then buy the product. The team at Graphic Design Australia are passionate about creating shelf presence with every packaging project. The key is to make design choices that incorporate your unique story into the packaging design, develop a cohesive brand image and market your product effectively by connecting with potential customers at the right time and in the right place.
We offer a complete packaging design service, including product category and competitor analysis. We’re experts at using your unique points of difference to create packaging that gets noticed. Packaging design that works affects your bottom line by encouraging potential consumers to purchase your product.



A Great Working Relationship 
With Graphic Design Australia

2,000+ Brands Created // 2,800+ Businesses Supported

When you work with Graphic Design Australia, you become part of a genuine partnership. Unlike other branding and design agencies, we believe the best results are achieved through building a personal relationship with our clients. That’s why we invite you into our studio to work beside the team in a truly collaborative environment.

What else do we bring to the healthy food branding design table? Over 20 years’ experience working with clients in a wide range of industries. Whether you’ve developed a small range for farmer’s markets or are expanding your lines across multiple retail channels, our team knows all the tricks to make your products sell: with packaging design that consumers simply can’t resist.

healthy food Branding Design - healthy food Product Branding



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



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Start your healthy food branding design journey now

To give your product the best chance of success, start now. Any hesitation just gives your potential competitors the edge. Come in and tell us about your product and we’ll work out the best path to take. With the right foundation, it stands every chance of winning and making you triumphant in your sector too. Competition is fierce in the world of healthy food branding design – we’re here to help you get ahead of your rivals. Book a free consultation today.


Open mind, have global outlook and very collaborative 
healthy food Branding Design Project

“Extremely professional and awesome to deal with team who always over deliver! Worked with Isac on a number of design projects for Australian and NZ brands with great success. They keep open mind, have global outlook, very collaborative and produce awesome designs across various mediums to high standards and great costs. Thanks heaps team!”
Geliana Graham, New Zealand and Australian Product Marketing Consultant