Mailer Box Packaging Design that Tells a Story


The key to effective mailer box packaging design is sharing your journey with the target market. A good product becomes a great one when the market connects with it in some way. Quality packaging design captures your audience’s attention instantly and holds it long enough to influence their purchasing decisions. Equally as important is beating the competition, and targeted packaging design based on a story does that with ease.

Graphic Design Australia makes achieving great designs easy. We work with our customers, learning about their journey and sharing details at regular touch points throughout the process. Once we have your packaging design sorted, our marketing and logistics teams help you get your products in front of your target market, so you can start improving your bottom line as soon as possible. 



mailer box Packaging Design - mailer box Marketing

Know your target market right from the beginning

Before the design process gets under way, it’s imperative to know who you’re marketing to.

Once you truly understand who your audience is, the  perfect mailer box marketing plan will be easy to achieve.


mailer box Packaging Design - mailer box Branding Design

Develop a mailer box product branding design that engages your audience

Brand development begins once we understand your target market and your unique product story. This knowledge directs us towards a mailer box product branding design that wows your audience and gets you sales.


mailer box Packaging Design - mailer box Label Design

Show off your new mailer box label design with a great marketing strategy

See your sales increase and your product popularity soar with mailer box label design that demands attention. Get ahead of the competition with a design that impresses.

mailer box Packaging Design - mailer box Packaging Designer

mailer box PACKAGING 

Your new mailer box packaging design should engage your audience and transform them into loyal customers. It separates your product from the competition by sharing the unique benefits and specific value of your offering. Your target market will be drawn to your product and develop a connection that sees them coming back again and again. The Graphic Design Australia team have the skills and passion to create packaging designs that boost sales and provide a springboard for your business model.

We specialise in analysing data surrounding your product and using it to find your niche. Our comprehensive analysis looks at the competition, the unique product category and current trends to create a complete picture. From here, our skilled designers bring your product to life with targeted designs that tell your story.




2,000+ Brands Created // 2,800+ Businesses Supported

The Graphic Design Australia team values collaboration and works with customers right from the outset. Our designs are based on your vision for the product, while incorporating your story thus far. Our customers are the heart of every product and are a vital part of the process, which is why we encourage all of our customers to come in and see what we do first-hand.

Our extensive portfolio of designs is a result of 20 years of customer collaboration. We’re proud of what our diverse customer base have achieved with their newly packaged products. Our team’s experience and skill ensure your new mailer box packaging design brings you the same success. We’ve worked with major retail brands and local boutique brands, so we know how to get your product noticed.

mailer box Packaging Design - mailer box Packaging Designer


mailer box Packaging Design - mailer box Packaging Designer



mailer box Packaging Design - mailer box Packaging Designer



mailer box Packaging Design - mailer box Packaging Designer



mailer box Packaging Design - mailer box Packaging Designer




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Our team at Graphic Design Australia are eager to discuss your product and see how we can help. Each of our customers offers the team a unique opportunity to flex our creative skills and get results. Our team of experts can’t wait to get your brand packaging and marketing strategy underway. Book in a free consultation with our team today and see how a quality mailer box graphic design can increase your bottom line. 


“Many more direct sales & orders with zero marketing effort / spend”

Graphic Design Autralia have been AMAZING to deal with (rebranding / new packaging / help with website look etc), highly recommend for anyone looking to overhaul current branding or start from scratch. It's an investment we should have made years ago - noticed an immediate & significant increase in social media reposting / engagement with products looking great, & also many more direct sales & orders from distributors with zero marketing effort / spend.

Jeanie McClymont – Goodmix and GC Beverages