Pet Product Branding Design that Demands Attention


What does it take to create attention-grabbing packaging? Start with the product’s story: its conception and development, the hours put in, the passion and commitment. Conveying a product’s unique story and points of difference through clever pet product branding design makes a connection with consumers. In turn, it drives purchasing decisions and builds up a devoted clientele.

With a consistent packaging design strategy, you maximise every touch point. A holistic approach integrates your brand identity and personality with a carefully devised marketing plan. Together with taking care of all logistics, this is the service offered by the experts at Graphic Design Australia. Our mission? To engage your target consumers’ attention and keep them coming back for more.



pet product Branding Design - pet product Product Branding


pet product product branding that says ‘choose me!’ to customers

Tell your story through your branding for the best results. Together we make a plan to convey your product’s unique identity in the packaging, then roll it out through your pet product product branding.

pet product Branding Design - pet product Product Packaging Design


pet product product packaging design that sums up your selling points with impact

Successful pet product product packaging design creates wow factor on the shelf while communicating the right messages to connect with your target customer. Expert planning takes care of logistics.


pet product Branding Design - pet product Graphic Design


pet product graphic design that promotes branding continuity

Pinpoint your target consumer to get the most from marketing your brand and identify which channels will reach customers fast. Then capitalise on that with consistent pet product graphic design on all your materials.


pet product Branding Design - pet product Product Packaging Design

pet product Branding Design 
With Pick-Me Appeal

Making your product stand out in a sea of competition is a challenge. It needs to shine out on the shelf, not only attracting a customer to pick it up and examine it, but compelling them to head to the till and buy it. At Graphic Design Australia, we are skilled at creating pet product branding design with presence. A design that looks irresistible and tells your unique story is reinforced with a marketing strategy that places your product right in your target customer’s eyeline.

Your packaging design journey begins with a thorough appraisal of your market and competitors. After analysing your points of difference, we design packaging that highlights these USPs in an imaginative yet clear-cut way. Boosting your sales improves your bottom line, so the importance of packaging design cannot be underestimated.



A Genuine Collaboration 
With Graphic Design Australia

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Some design and branding agencies favour a remote relationship. Not so at Graphic Design Australia. Our 20+ years of experience have taught us that close working relationships lead to the best outcome for our clients. You’re welcome to come into the studio, sit down and discuss ideas, and even work beside your designer.
We’ve collaborated with clients across a wide range of industries. Whether your pet product branding design is for a small range to be sold at farmer’s markets or an expansive line of multiple product ranges destined for diverse channels, we have the expertise to help. Let our team bring your product to life with packaging that connects and compels.

pet product Branding Design - pet product Product Branding



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



Dog Shampoo Packaging Design - Dog Shampoo Packaging Designer



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Start your pet product branding design journey now

To give your product the best chance of success, start now. Any hesitation just gives your potential competitors the edge. Come in and tell us about your product and we’ll work out the best path to take. With the right foundation, it stands every chance of winning and making you triumphant in your sector too. Competition is fierce in the world of pet product branding design – we’re here to help you get ahead of your rivals. Book a free consultation today.


Open mind, have global outlook and very collaborative 
pet product Branding Design Project

“Extremely professional and awesome to deal with team who always over deliver! Worked with Isac on a number of design projects for Australian and NZ brands with great success. They keep open mind, have global outlook, very collaborative and produce awesome designs across various mediums to high standards and great costs. Thanks heaps team!”
Geliana Graham, New Zealand and Australian Product Marketing Consultant