Sandwich Packaging Design that Speaks Volumes


The story behind your product is what sets your brand apart. Effective sandwich packaging design incorporates this story as an integral part of the design, while communicating effectively with your chosen market. Your target market should identify with your product packaging, becoming loyal supporters that feel connected to your story.

From brand development, through to marketing and packaging logistics, the Graphic Design Australia team offer a smooth, straight-forward service that provides results. We are passionate about raising brand awareness and increasing your customer base. Our designs share your story cohesively through colour, imagery and text to showcase your product and differentiate it from the competition. Quality packaging design lets your product stand out from the crowd.



sandwich Packaging Design - sandwich Marketing

Know your target market right from the beginning

Before the design process gets under way, it’s imperative to know who you’re marketing to. Once you truly understand who your audience is, the  perfect sandwich marketing plan will be easy to achieve.


sandwich Packaging Design - sandwich Branding Design

Develop a sandwich product branding design that engages your audience

Brand development begins once we understand your target market and your unique product story. This knowledge directs us towards a sandwich product branding design that wows your audience and gets you sales.


sandwich Packaging Design - sandwich Label Design

Show off your new sandwich label design with a great marketing strategy

See your sales increase and your product popularity soar with sandwich label design that demands attention. Get ahead of the competition with a design that impresses.

sandwich Packaging Design - sandwich Packaging Designer

sandwich PACKAGING

A quality sandwich packaging design builds your customer base and increases sales by standing out in the crowd. It should capture your target market’s attention for the right reasons and earn their loyalty by being true to your vision. The goal is to get your target market to notice your product, pick it up, read it and purchase it without a second thought. Our team at Graphic Design Australia help you achieve this with tailored packaging designs that showcase your product’s unique value.

Our team’s deep analysis of your product category, competition and current trends gives them the knowledge they need to create effective designs. Our team of experienced designers are passionate about bringing your story to life and impressing your target audience. With a quality design ready to impress, our marketing and logistics teams get your products on the shelves fast…but they won’t stay there for long!




2,000+ Brands Created // 2,800+ Businesses Supported

At Graphic Design Australia, we create spot-on packaging designs through collaboration. The heart of the product is what makes it special, so it’s our pleasure to invite  customers into our studio to be a part of the process. Speak to our passionate team or watch as they work, our only goal is to bring your product to life through superior brand packaging.

We’ve been collaborating with clients from a diverse range of industries for the past 20 years. We have the experience and the passion to take your sandwich packaging design to a whole new level. Whether a boutique brand or major retail project, your new packaging will entice customers to give your product a try.

sandwich Packaging Design - sandwich Packaging Designer


sandwich Packaging Design - sandwich Packaging Designer



sandwich Packaging Design - sandwich Packaging Designer



sandwich Packaging Design - sandwich Packaging Designer



sandwich Packaging Design - sandwich Packaging Designer




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Our team is eager to meet you and be inspired by your unique product story. Come in to discuss how we can get your products flying off the shelf with our quality brand and marketing solutions. Our free consultation is an easy way to see how a quality sandwich graphic design will boost sales and help your product beat the competition. Collaborate with our team today and captivate your target market tomorrow.


“We’re so happy with the redesign of our packaging. It’s made an incredible difference”

We’re so happy with the redesign of our packaging. It’s made an incredible difference to our brand and sales. The process was a pleasure and the team really cared about our project, understood what we wanted whilst offering research and trends in our industry. They turned our ideas into reality. We continue to use them for all our graphic needs. Thank you so much guys

Brad Hull – Goodmix and GC Beverages