Brand Strategy
Build the strategic way

So lets start with what is the difference between Brand and Branding?

Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. (who are you, what do you stand for, if you had a personality what would it be, what makes you you?)

Branding is the process of connecting brand strategy with good creativity to make it make it recognizable and portray your personality (that’s what we do)



Start with a strategy
Brand Strategy Workshop


Why do you need it? When jumping straight into design, often it is hard making necessary branding and marketing decisions. Trying to differentiate and be well-defined becomes impossible when decisions are based on guesses. Most people want to deal with genuine brands. Customers like authenticity and more than just selling things to them. Have comprehensive and clear direction moving forward.

Build your brand the strategic way
- Feel confident about your vision
- Have clarity and a defined business
- Unlock the true potential of your brand


Start with a strategy - Save time & money
Be unique & stand out don’t be a cookie-cutter copier
Don’t loose revenue due to poor branding or having to rebrand
Don't waste time, get it right the first time, make an impact from the start
Convey quality, be quality, be strategic, get noticed, be a leader, be brave
Be guided rest easy knowing you're in the expert hands
Make more money with a successful memorable business
Avoid revisions later on, be equipped with the right tools


How it works
Schedule a workshop with the team
Receive your Brand Strategy
Receive your Branding Presentation
Receive your Brand and Branding Guidelines Kit
Receive your Full Branding File Suite
Take control of your business future


What is covered in the brand strategy session?
Brand Purpose is the reason you exist—why do you do what you do beyond making money? Establish a deeper connection with your audience and team
Brand Vision a statement that describes what you want to be in the future. Have a clear idea of where you want to go, and how you plan to get there.
Brand Values provide guiding principles and philosophies to help you with direction and decisions. They act as a signal to customers and employees.
Target Audience who you are trying to reach, what their needs, and desires are, and what motivates them to take action.
Market Analysis is knowing your competition and understanding trends and conditions. Crucial to creating a brand that stands out.
Awareness Goals it is all about figuring out how to get people to know and pay attention to your brand. Specific, measurable, and achievable
Brand Personality we’re going to focus on making a human connection with your audience. Make people feel and connect when they see you
Tone of Voice is the personality, tone, and language that you use when communicating with your customers - verbal or written, is your expression
Brand Tagline/Slogan is more than just catchy words—crafting involves aligning what your brand stands for, as well as its memorability


What is a Brand Guidelines Kit: A proven structure to introduce your brand, from strategy and architecture, to logo, colours, typography, patterns, icons, imagery, illustrations, composition and much more! Everything you need to maintain consistent marketing.


Note:  Although strategy is paramount in creating successful businesses, we understand everyone's marketing budget is different. We do offer a scaled back version of our workshop; it covers 5 of the above sections and excludes the guideline kit. Strategic Design = Strategic Business



also Struggling with choosing a name?

We also offer a Naming Exploration Workshop. It is a proven step-by-step guide to naming.

Why do you need it?
Stop wasting time trying to find a name out of thin air
Naming is fundamental to stand the test of time
Avoid renaming later on, and get it right the first time
Brainstorm unique names for your successful dream business
Rest easy knowing that your name is protected and secure


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