Legal Requirements for Australian Food Packaging

Legal Requirements for Australian Food Packaging

Creating your own product can be an exciting adventure. There is so much time and effort that goes to perfecting your recipe/product and in many cases this could be years of developing. Imagine you go to all this dedication, cost and input to only have it ripped off the shelf because your label doesn’t meet the Australian standards legally. Not only could this delay your products success but it could also come with a hefty price tag (we all know packaging can be expensive)

These standards are here to help us all stay safe and you have a legal responsibility to keep your purchases safe and inform them. Some topics include:

Allergen labelling, Country of origin labelling, Fish names, Food additive labelling, GM food labeling, Health claims (nutrition, health and related claims), Ingredient lists and percentage labelling, Labelling Review, Labelling for religious, environmental, animal welfare and other consumer value issues, Labelling of alcoholic beverages, Labelling poster - how to read food labels, Nutrition information panels, Sugar labelling, Truth in labelling, weights and measures and legibility, Use by and best before dates, Warning and advisory statements

How to Choose the Right Product Branding Designer


Product Branding Design | In business today, your product branding design is one of the most important elements to connect with your customers and get your products flying off the shelf.

We all understand that you can have the best product in the world, but if your packaging doesn’t appeal to your target audience more than your competitors, you’ve just lost a sale. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting in all that work into developing your fantastic product, only to have it fall at the last hurdle.

It’s therefore important to choose a product-branding designer that has the right skill-set to create a design that captivates your customers and makes your product sell. If you have not been through this process before, it’s difficult to know what to look for. After all, nobody knows what they don’t know!

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