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Your brand’s identity tells the story behind your product. Customers buy when they connect with this story – your target market wants to know what your product means to you. Great acai packaging design influences your target market’s buying decisions by showcasing how your product is different from competitors’ and why yours is better. Brand packaging that accurately reflects your product and its story creates customer loyalty, which keeps sales going in the long-term.

The Graphic Design Australia team offers a smooth packaging design experience. We keep our customers informed as we move through each step of the process, from brand development to creating a marketing plan and more. Our design and marketing teams ensure our packaging designs communicate your product’s story and captivate your target market. We handle the packaging logistics, so sit back and enjoy selling your newly branded products.



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Knowing the target market will help you influence their buying decisions

The perfect acai marketing strategy is based on intimate knowledge of your target market. Understanding your market lets you communicate your story effectively, thereby influencing purchasing habits.


acai Packaging Design - acai Branding Design

Opt for a acai product branding design that speaks to your audience

Knowledge of the target market forms a solid base for effective acai product branding designs that communicate the value of your product.


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Use your new acai label design to sell more product

Quality acai label design gets your product noticed and keeps it in demand. Your growing loyal customer base will become advocates that see sales soar.

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A quality acai packaging design builds your customer base and increases sales by standing out in the crowd. It should capture your target market’s attention for the right reasons and earn their loyalty by being true to your vision. The goal is to get your target market to notice your product, pick it up, read it and purchase it without a second thought. Our team at Graphic Design Australia help you achieve this with tailored packaging designs that showcase your product’s unique value.

Our team’s deep analysis of your product category, competition and current trends gives them the knowledge they need to create effective designs. Our team of experienced designers are passionate about bringing your story to life and impressing your target audience. With a quality design ready to impress, our marketing and logistics teams get your products on the shelves fast…but they won’t stay there for long!




2,000+ Brands Created // 2,800+ Businesses Supported

Graphic Design Australia’s goal is to become a part of your product journey. Our experience coupled with your product knowledge ensures we create brand packaging that works. Come into our studio and gain insight into how we create quality brand packaging for all of our clients. Your input is the key to our (and your!) success.

Our extensive design portfolio showcases 20 years of client collaboration and quality brand packaging. From big brands to small, we’ve done it all. Our experienced team springboards your product to new heights with effective acai packaging design.

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acai Packaging Design - acai Packaging Designer


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Our team at Graphic Design Australia are eager to discuss your product and see how we can help. Each of our customers offers the team a unique opportunity to flex our creative skills and get results. Our team of experts can’t wait to get your brand packaging and marketing strategy underway. Book in a free consultation with our team today and see how a quality acai graphic design can increase your bottom line.


“Many more direct sales & orders with zero marketing effort / spend”

Graphic Design Autralia have been AMAZING to deal with (rebranding / new packaging / help with website look etc), highly recommend for anyone looking to overhaul current branding or start from scratch. It's an investment we should have made years ago - noticed an immediate & significant increase in social media reposting / engagement with products looking great, & also many more direct sales & orders from distributors with zero marketing effort / spend.

Jeanie McClymont – Goodmix and GC Beverages